APC NetShelter SX 42U 600mm Wide x 1070mm Deep Enclosure with Sides Black

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ID: 19732 Preces kods: AR3100
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Garantija: 2 gadi
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Papildus specifikācija
Papildus informācija ražotāja mājas lapā APC NetShelter SX 42U 600mm Wide x 1070mm Deep Enclosure with Sides Black
Abmessungen / Gewicht / Farbe - Breite - 600 mm
Abmessungen / Gewicht / Farbe - Einheiten pro Palette - 1
Abmessungen / Gewicht / Farbe - Farbe - Schwarz
Abmessungen / Gewicht / Farbe - Gewicht - 125,09 kg
Abmessungen / Gewicht / Farbe - Höhe - 1991 mm
Abmessungen / Gewicht / Farbe - Rack-Breite - 482,60 mm
Abmessungen / Gewicht / Farbe - Rack-Höhe - 42U
Abmessungen / Gewicht / Farbe - Tiefe - 1070 mm
Accessories included - A standard housing for low- and medium-density server and network applications. The narrow width allows optimal use of space in the data center. The height of 42U enables trouble-free shifting of the cabinet through the door.
Additional information - Adjustable mounting depth
Additional information - Detachable rear doors
Additional information - Lockable doors and side panels
Additional information - Multi-vendor equipment compatibility
Additional information - Removeable side panels
Additional information - reversible doors
Additional information - Ships fully assembled
Additional information - Tool-less mounting
Additional information - UBC Zone 4 stabilization provisions
Additional information - Ventilated Doors with Scalable Cooling Options
Allgemeine Informationen - Hersteller - Schneider Electric SA
Allgemeine Informationen - Hersteller-Artikelnummer - AR3100
Allgemeine Informationen - Hersteller-Webseite -
Allgemeine Informationen - Marke - APC by Schneider Electric
Allgemeine Informationen - Modell - AR3100
Allgemeine Informationen - Produktbezeichnung - NetShelter AR3100 SX Rackschrank
Allgemeine Informationen - Produktlinie - NetShelter
Allgemeine Informationen - Produktreihe - SX
Allgemeine Informationen - Produkttyp - Rackschrank
Basic - Breite - 600 mm
Basic - Farbe - Schwarz
Basic - Gewicht - 125,09 kg
Basic - Höhe - 1991 mm
Basic - Marke - APC by Schneider Electric
Basic - Produktfamilie - NetShelter SX
Basic - Produkttyp - Rackschrank
Basic - Rack-Breite - 482,60 mm
Basic - Rack-Höhe - 42U
Basic - Tiefe - 1070 mm
Brand - APC
BrandPartCode - AR3100
Breite - 1.17
Category - Rack Cabinets
Color - Black
Color - n/a
Colour - Black
Compatibility - n/a
Depth - 1070 mm
Depth, mm - 1070
Description - APC Netshelter SX 42U 600MM WIDE
Description - APC NETSHELTER SX 42U 600X1070 ENCLOSURE
Description - NetShelter SX
NetShelter SX 42U 600mm Wide x 1070mm Deep Enclosure
A standard housing for low or medium density server and network applications. The small width allows for optimal use of space in the data center. The height of 42U enables trouble-free shifting of the cabinet through the door.
Description - Schneider Electric ist führend bei der digitalen Transformation von Energiemanagement und Automatisierung in Haushalten, Gebäuden, Rechenzentren, Infrastruktur und der Fertigungsindustrie.
description - The APC NetShelter SX is the next generation rack enclosure solution influenced by 10 years of customer feedback and addresses current IT market trends for high-density server and networking applications. With a strong focus on cooling, power distribution, cable management and environmental monitoring, the NetShelter SX provides a reliable rack-mounting environment for mission-critical equipment.
dimension depth - 1070 mm
dimension height - 1991 mm
dimension weight - 125090 g
dimension width - 600 mm
Dimensions - - Maximum height: 1991.00 mm
- Maximum width: 600.00 mm
- Maximum depth: 1070.00 mm
- Shipping weight: 144.55 KG
- Height in the transport packaging: 2118.00 mm
- Width in the transport packaging: 752.00 mm
- Shipment height: 1219.00 mm
- Weight (static load): 1363.64 KG
- Weight (dynamic load): 1022.73 KG
- Minimum installation depth: 191.00 mm
- Maximum installation depth: 915.00 mm
- Height in the industrial cabinet: 42U
- Cabinet width: 19 "
Dimensions (WxDxH) - 60 cm x 107 cm x 199 cm
ean - 731304226390
EANCode - 0731304226390
EANCode - 731304226390
feature - Adjustable mounting depth;
feature - Allows side to side airflow;
feature - Cable access;
feature - Integrated cable access holes;
feature - Mounts two APC metered PDUs in one rear channel;
feature - Multi-vendor equipment compatibility;
feature - Numbered U positions;
feature - Protective grounding provisions;
feature - Removable reversible fully ventilated doors;
feature - Simple baying installation;
feature - UBC Zone 4 stabilization provisions.
Features - Wheels, keyed alike, adjustable depth
Features - Maximum weight capacity - 1363.64 kg
Features - Product colour - Black
Features - Rack capacity - 42U
Features - Side panels included - Y
Features - Type - Freestanding rack
Features_Benefits -
  • 42U Rack Height
  • Black Color

  • Gewicht - 148.5
    Gewährleistung - Begrenzte Garantie - 5 Jahr(e)
    GRUPPE1 - Zubehör
    GRUPPE2 - Server
    GTIN - 0731304226390
    guarantee - 60
    guarantee_type - external
    Height - 1200.000000
    Height - 1991 mm
    Height - 42U
    Height - 740.000000000
    Height (Rack Units) - 42U
    Height, mm - 1991
    Hoehe - 0.75
    HSTNUMMER - AR3100
    Interface - n/a
    Internal height - 42 U
    Laenge - 2.14
    Length - 2150.000000000
    Length - 800.000000
    LongDesc - APC NetShelter SX 42U 600mmx1070mm Enclosure with Sides Black
    LongDesc - Rack enclosures with advanced cooling, power distribution, and cable management for server and networking applications in IT environments.
    LongDesc - Rack enclosures with advanced cooling, power distribution, and cable management for server and networking applications in IT environments.
    Adjustable mounting depth
    Vertical mounting rails are adjustable for equipment with various mounting depths.
    Guaranteed Compatability
    Vendor-neutral mounting for guaranteed compatibility with all EIA-310 compliant 19" equipment. APC's "Fits Like a Glove" money back guarantee provides peace of mind that all of your EIA-310-D compliant rack-mount equipment will physically fit in a NetShelter SX enclosure.
    Ventilated Doors with Scalable Cooling Options
    Superior door ventilation exceeds airflow requirements for major servers. Scalable cooling options for high-density applications.
    Reversible doors
    In situations where it is desirable for the front door to open from
    the opposite side, doors can be detached and reversed.
    SX enclosures can be easily expanded upon to create complete rows of enclosures. In addition, the SX can be tied into the existing VX build-outs via the appropriate baying hardware.
    Door ventilation exceeds 830 in2 (5355 cm2)
    Adequate ventilation is required for proper operation of today's servers. NetShelter SX Enclosures include fully perforated front and rear doors to provide ample ventilation for servers and networking equipment. The perforation pattern provides 919 square inches of open area on the front door, exceeding requirements set forth by major server manufacturers. Although this ventilation pattern provides adequate cooling for most configurations, air-moving accessories such as APC's Air Distribution Unit are also available to support higher heat density applications.
    Rear Cable Management channels
    Integrated rear cable management channels allow customers to easily route, manage, and access large numbers of data cables even while an enclosure is loaded with rack-mount equipment and bayed within a row.
    Rear Power Distribution channels
    Rear power distribution channels provide easy access to multiple receptacles occupying zero U in recessed channels . The rear power distribution channels allow APC basic, metered, and switched vertical rack PDU's to be installed easily in the rear without interfering with equipment or taking up valuable U space. This provides increased accessibility to receptacles and allows customers to support more power cords within the enclosure. Up to 42 5-15R receptacles can be installed in just one rear cabling channel.
    Cable Access
    Generous cable access holes are provided in the roof and base of the NetShelter SX to enable power and data cables to be routed into the rack either from overhead or from underneath a raised floor. The NetShelter SX enclosure offers eight cable access holes of various sizes on the roof. The eight are broken out as follows: five 60mm x 175mm, two 79mm x 167mm, and one 79mm x 245mm. In addition, for maximum cable routing capacity, the roof can be removed entirely even if cables are already installed. The base of the rack is an open design, maximizing the potential access space for under-floor cable routing.
    Numbered U positions
    Rapid installation of rack mounted equipment.
    Optimized depth
    Enclosures deeper than those traditionally used are required to properly install the latest servers, distribute power, and manage cabling in today's data centers. The struggle facing data center managers is determining how deep to go without sacrificing valuable floor space. In a hot aisle/cold aisle layout, the NetShelter SX Enclosures provide the maximum enclosure depth (42 inches (107 cm)) without sacrificing floor space. This allows for 36 inches (91 cm) of clearance in the hot aisle and 48 inches (122 cm) in the cold aisle. In a hot aisle/cold aisle layout, selecting enclosures less than 42 inches (107 cm) deep will not allow more enclosures to be installed in a data center, but only increase the clearance in the hot aisle.
    Optimized width
    NetShelter SX Enclosures are designed to align exactly on standard 24 inch and 600 mm wide floor tiles when bayed together.
    Rolls through a 2 meter doorway
    APC has made installation fast and easy by designing the SX enclosure such that it rolls through standard 2 meter doorways. This feature does not apply to the 48U versions of the SX.
    Ships fully assembled
    The NetShelter SX Enclosures ship fully assembled reducing the time required to install equipment.
    Simple Selection
    No need to spend hours choosing from and compiling dozens of part numbers to create a single enclosure. APC has made it easy by handling the details and providing complete enclosures with single part numbers.
    Lockable doors and side panels
    Increased level of security to prevent unauthorized entry. Front doors, rear doors, and side panels are lockable and only accessible with a key provided with NetShelter Enclosures.
    Structural Stability
    A proven frame design, heavy-gauge mounting rails, and heavy-duty casters provide for 3000 lb (1364 kg) static and 2250 lb (1023 kg) dynamic load ratings.
    Protective grounding provisions
    Integrated grounding provides safety protection against electric shock and improves the reduction of EMI emissions. The side panels and roof have integral grounding features which eliminates the need for ground straps or wires. The front and rear doors of the SX enclosures are supplied with factory-fitted ground wires.
    UBC Zone 4 stabilization provisions
    NetShelter SX Enclosures are UBC (Uniform Building Code) Zone 4 compliant if used in conjunction with APC's Bolt-Down Kit (part # AR7701).
    Quick release doors
    During installation and while conducting routine maintenance of installed equipment, it is often advantageous to remove the enclosure doors. Quick release hinge pins allow for fast, easy access.
    Quick release side panels
    During installation and while conducting routine maintenance of installed equipment, it is often advantageous to remove the side panels. Quick release side panels allow for quick, easy access.
    Split rear doors
    Split rear doors improve access and serviceability to rear of rack mounted equipment. The split rear doors help to maximize floor space. Only 11 inches (279 mm) of clearance is required behind the enclosures to allow for door swing.
    LongProductName - NetShelter SX 42U 600mm Wide x 1070mm Deep Enclosure with Sides Black
    LongSummaryDescription - APC NetShelter SX 42U 600mm Wide x 1070mm Deep Enclosure with Sides Black. Rack capacity: 42U, Type: Freestanding rack, Maximum weight capacity: 1363.64 kg. Size: 48.3 cm (19"), Width: 600 mm, Depth: 1070 mm. Package weight: 144.6 kg. Dimensions (WxDxH): 600 x 1070 x 1991 mm, Package dimensions (WxDxH): 899 x 1219 x 2118 mm, Dynamic load: 1022.73 kg
    Manufacturer - APC
    Manufacturer Part No - AR3100
    Manufacturer Warranty - 5-year warranty
    ManufacturerPartNumber - AR3100
    MANUFDATASHEET - http://www.apc.com/resource/include/techspec_index.cfm?base_sku=AR3100
    MarketingText -
    Maximal load capacity - 1022.73 kg
    Name - APC by Schneider Electric NetShelter AR3100 42U Rackschrank - 482,60 mm Rack Width - Schwarz
    name - NETSHELTER SX 42U 600MM 1070MM W SIDES BL AR3100
    Net weight - 125.09 kg
    Other features - - Units per pallet: 1.00
    - Vertical posts: 16 gauge
    - Front door: 16 gauge
    - Rear door: 18 gauge
    - Top cover: 18 gauge
    - EIA mounting rails: 14 gauge
    - Side panels: 18 gauge
    Other features - Dimensions (WxDxH) - 600 x 1070 x 1991 mm
    Other features - Dynamic load - 1022.73 kg
    Other features - Package dimensions (WxDxH) - 899 x 1219 x 2118 mm
    Other features - Static load - 1363.64 kg
    PackageContents -
  • Casters
  • Doors
  • Ground Studs
  • Installation Guide
  • Leveling feet
  • Mounting Hardware
  • Roof
  • Side Panels

  • Packaging data - Package weight - 144.6 kg
    PartNumber - AR3100
    PeriodofWarranty - 2 Y
    PeriodofWarranty - 24 Months Bring-In Warranty
    PeriodofWarranty - 24 Months On-Site Warranty
    ProdDesc - NetShelter SX 42U 600mm Wide x 1070mm Deep Enclosure with Sides Black
    producer - APC
    Product Description - APC NetShelter SX Enclosure with Sides rack - 42U
    Product Type - Rack
    ProductDemo -
    productName - APC NetShelter SX 42U 600mmx1070mm Enclosure with Sides Black
    ProductName - NetShelter SX 42U 600mm Wide x 1070mm Deep Enclosure with Sides Black
    ProductPicture2 -
    ProductPicture3 -
    ProductPicture4 -
    Rack height (units) - 42
    Rack Size - 19"
    ShortSummaryDescription - APC NetShelter SX 42U 600mm Wide x 1070mm Deep Enclosure with Sides Black, 42U, Freestanding rack, 1363.64 kg, Black, 48.3 cm (19"), 600 mm
    Stck_Kart - 1
    Stck_Pal - 1
    Storno - Y
    SystemRequirements - n/a
    Technology - n/a
    Title - APC NetShelter SX 42U 600mm Wide x 1070mm Deep Enclosure with Sides Black Freestanding rack
    Type - Floor standing
    Type - n/a
    URL - https://www.apc.com/resource/include/techspec_index.cfm?base_sku=AR3100&tab=features
    vendpn - AR3100
    Warranty - 2 years
    Warranty - Producer warranty 60 months
    WarrantyInfo - 5 year repair or replace
    Weight - 125.09 kg
    Weight - 125 kg
    Weight - 125.090 Kg
    Weight - 146.000000000
    Weight - 150.000000
    Weight & dimensions - Depth - 1070 mm
    Weight & dimensions - Height - 1991 mm
    Weight & dimensions - Mounting depth (max) - 91.5 cm
    Weight & dimensions - Size - 48.3 cm (19")
    Weight & dimensions - Weight - 125.1 kg
    Weight & dimensions - Width - 600 mm
    Weight, kg - 125.09
    Width - 19 ''
    Width - 1220.000000000
    Width - 2130.000000
    Width - 600 mm
    Width, mm - 600
    1 455,43 €
    145,78 € mēnesī
    APC NetShelter SX 42U 600mm Wide x 1070mm Deep Enclosure with Sides Black
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