A-Data D8000L Power Bank, 8000 mAh, Orange

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ID: 150109 Preces kods: AD8000L-5V-COR
Noliktavā >50 gab.
Garantija: 2 gadi
16,47 €
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Visi parametri
Ietilpība, mAh : 8 000
Izeju skaits : 2
Krāsa : Oranža
Maks. izejas strāva, A : 2.1
Svars, g : 270
Papildus specifikācija
Additional information - IP54
Battery capacity - 8000 mAh
Category - Telefoni, Viedtālruņi :: Enerģijas krātuves | Power banks
Code - AD8000L-5V-COR
Colour - Orange
Connector type - 2 x USB
Desc - Apjoms: 8000 mAh, Krāsa: Oranža, Indikators: Ir, Garantija: 2 gadi
Description - ADATA 8000mAh Power Bank 4-mode LED ORAN
EAN - 4712366962743
EANCode - 4712366962743
Height - 30.000000000
Height - 75 mm
LargeDescHTML - The D8000L combines ADATA power bank and LED excellence in one sleek, ultra-useful product. An entire side of the device is dedicated to powerful, 4-mode lighting that highlights your experiences. You get 8000mAh to charge devices and IP54 dust and waterproofing. Wherever you go, the D8000L is your multi-purpose enabler.Powerful 4-mode lightingAn entire side of the D8000L is devoted to lighting, rated 200 lumens. ADATA LED technology supports four light modes: standard, flashing, slow flashing, and emergency. You get up to 17 hours of light, whether for fun or life-saving situations.Move carefree with IP54 dust and waterproofingFrom tall mountains to the seaside, your D8000L is a power and light source you can rely on. It's IEC IP54 dust and waterproof certified, and designed to resists shocks and drops. 
*Dust and waterproof ratings apply when port covers are firmly closed and in placeGrooved back instantly becomes a kickstandSmart design makes it easy to add a kickstand to the D8000L. The grooves on its back can fit everything from coins to credit cards to help you place the power bank upright to better position lighting based on your needs and situation.Integrated mounting pointThe mount we built into the D8000L is super handy for hanging the unit on tents, hooking it to clothing, and generally securing it with slings, strings, or hooks.Great power for your mobile devicesFully charged, the D8000L can top-up an average smartphone from empty to full 3 times. It's also enough to completely recharge a big tablet. And this is with the LED fully on so you don't have to compromise. 
*Smartphone/tablet charging with LED on full powerSave time with dual USB chargingThe D8000L delivers up to 2.1A via dual USB ports so you can charge two devices at the same time. No need to line up or wait - top up a pair of phones or similar devices simultaneously without having to choose or prioritize.Safety and durability with the finest componentsADATA uses premium power cells with custom circuitry, top quality capacitors, and an impact and fire-resistant shell. The D8000L provides long-lasting service and protects you and those around you.Multi-circuit protectionADATA power banks make safety priority no. 1. Our circuitry prevents overcharge, over-discharge, overheating, overvoltage, overcurrent, and short circuiting.
Length - 200.000000000
Length - 23.3 mm
LongDesc - ADATA 8000mAh Power Bank 4-mode LED ORANGE
Manufacturer - A-DATA
ManufacturerPartNumber - AD8000L-5V-COR
More info - www.adata.com [LINK]
Name - ADATA D8000L 8000mAh Orange
Net weight - 270 g
Output current - 2.1 -
Output voltage - 5 V DC
PartNumber - AD8000L-5V-COR
PeriodofWarranty - 12 Months Bring-In Warranty
Power bank additional features - LED flashlight
Warranty - Warranty 24 months
Weight - 0.364000000
Width - 125.000000000
Width - 154 mm
16,47 €
A-Data D8000L Power Bank, 8000 mAh, Orange
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