3Doodler Create, Star Trek

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ID: 178219 Preces kods: 3DRCRE-ST
Pasūtāms 4 gab. Pieejamība: 14 dienu laikā pēc pasūtījuma apstiprināšanas
Garantija: 2 gadi
73,94 €
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Visi parametri
Izejmateriāla diametrs, mm : 3.0
Maksimālā temperatūra, °C : 240
Printēšanas ātrums, mm/s : 10
Regulējama temperatūra : Ir
Sprauslas diametrs, mm : 2.2
Papildus specifikācija
Accessories included - - 3Doodler Ball Create Star Trek
- 3x set of ABS cartridges of 25 pieces
- Templates for replicating your favorite technology, accessories and costume elements from the Star Trek movie together with the user's manual
- AC adapter
- Unlocking tool
- The key to the nozzle
- Mini screwdriver
- User manual
- A quick guide
Additional covers - No
Additional information - 3Doodler ABS Plastic Strands x75
Additional information - In the box: 3Doodler Create Pen x1
Additional information - Mini Screwdriver x1
Additional information - Nozzle Removal Tool x1
Additional information - Power Adapter x1
Additional information - Quick Start and User Guide x1
Additional information - Star Trek Stencil Guide x1
Additional information - Unblocking Tool x1
Additional information about warranty - 24 months
Adjustable speed of device operation - Yes
Adjustable temperature of the printing nozzle - Yes
AutoSave - No
Card reader - None
Case material - Plastic
Category - Root/Home/Child/School supplies/3D pen
Constuctional elements printed on a 3D printer - No
Dane techniczne: Gwarancja - 1 rok w serwisie zewnętrznym
Dane techniczne: Producent - 3Doodler
Depth - 17 mm
Description - 3DOODLER CREATE STAR TREK - 3D Pen, Manual 3D printer LIMITED EDITION!
Ever since the first time Start Trek has been aired and amazed its fans, presenting the vision of future technologies has already passed over half a century!
And while Star Trek technology was only a scientific fiction at the time, the huge variety of items used on the Enterprise is still common today. Mobile phones, bluetooth headsets, tablets - all of which have been foreseen on the basis of a futuristic vision.
Although we are still a few hundred years away from the famous five-year mission of James T. Kirk in 2265, recent groundbreaking technologies bring us closer to the reality of Star Trek more than ever before and in unprecedented ways.
What distinguishes 3Doodler Create?
- Simple and intuitive control system, adapted to your individual drawing style. Click once to eject the cartridge and once to stop it. A double click will cause the cartridge to go back. Additionally, 30% faster pull out the cartridge in fast mode!
- A drive system that has been completely redesigned from the previous model. New design of the motor drive to reduce friction, better temperature control, and improved stability. In practice, it means faster printout and increased efficiency and effectiveness of work with 3DCorner Create!
- Transparent cover, thanks to which the insert placed in 3DLinker is visible. The cover is removable, which makes it easy to remove the remains of the cartridge!
- Durable, reinforced pen nozzle. Easy to replace and less susceptible to damage!
- ambient light lighting, cooperating with the control system. It just looks great!
Creating with 3D printing has never been easier and more enjoyable !!!
The composition of the set
- 3Doodler Ball Create Star Trek
- 3x set of ABS cartridges of 25 pieces
- Templates for replicating your favorite technology, accessories and costume elements from the Star Trek movie along with the user's manual
- AC adapter
- Unlocking tool
- The key to the nozzle
- Mini screwdriver
- User manual
- A quick guide
3Doodler is one of those fantastic ideas that seem so obvious from the perspective of time that it's hard to believe that they are now being implemented.
The assumption is simple: the pen draws a molten filament, which gives the possibility to build 3D objects in the same way as a 3D printer, but without creating computer models. The 3Doodler pen support is incredibly simple. There are 3 sets of cartridges available. To start creative play, just put the chosen color in the guide and after a while you can start creating. Only your ingenuity limits you.
Device size - depth (y) - 17 mm
Device size - height (z) - 160 mm
Device size - width (x) - 19 mm
Device size in a package - depth (y) - 70 mm
Device size in a package - height (z) - 270 mm
Device size in a package - width (x) - 115 mm
dimension depth - 70 mm
dimension height - 270 mm
dimension weight - 610 g
dimension width - 110 mm
dodatkowe informacje - możliwość zmiany prędkości pracy urządzenia | możliwość zmiany temperatury dyszy drukującej
ean - 817005021295
Eans - 817005021295
Filament diameter - 3 mm
Filament diameter - 3,00 mm
Filament type - ABS
Filament type - Flex
Filament type - FLEXY
Filament type - PLA
Gross weight - 620 g
guarantee - 24
guarantee_type - normal
Heated working chamber - No
Heating of a working platform - No
Height - 160 mm
Marking of the hot areas - No
Maximum operating temperature of the platform - 240 °C
Model - 3Doodler Create
More info - 3DRCRE-ST
Name - 3Doodler Create Star Trek - długopis 3D + 3 zestawy wkładów+ instrukcja obsługi
name - CREATE - 3D Pen (Star Trek)
No. of nozzles - 1
Nozzle diameter - 2.2 mm
Nozzle diameter - 2.2 mm
obsługiwane filamenty - ABS
obsługiwane filamenty - FLEXY
obsługiwane filamenty - PLA
Other features - - Max. Working temperature of the platform: 240 ° C
- Print speed: 10 mm / sec.
- Additional advantages: the ability to change the speed of the device, the ability to change the temperature of the nozzle
- Power supply: 5V DC
Overheat protection - Yes
Plate -
Power - 6 Watt
Power supply - 5V DC
Print technology - FDM / FFF / PJP
Printing technology - thermal
Producer - 3Doodler
producer - 3DOODLER
ProducerCode - 3DRCRE-ST / 817005021295
Protection of electronics against damage - Yes
prędkość druku - 10 mm/s
Recommended filament producer - 3Doodler
Set type - Ready to work
ShortDescription -
Software -
Software compatibility in particular systems - No
Speed of printing - 10 mm/s
vendpn - 3DRCRE-ST
waga - 0.62 kg
Warranty - Warranty 24 months
Weight - 620 g
Width - 19 mm
Workspace -
wymiary - 160x19x17 mm
średnica dyszy - 2.2 mm
średnica filamentu - 3 mm
73,94 €
3Doodler Create, Star Trek
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