In cooperation with „Aizdevums.lv” and „Incredit” we offer lease opportunities for purchases amounting from 100.00 to 4500 eur. The contract can be signed at our office or at the place of picking up the goods - currently in Riga only.

For using the lease option for your purchase:

  1. You have to be at least 18 years old and employed for at least 3 months at your current employer. Besides your credit history will be checked with all the biggest credit information offices.
  2. The selected goods have to be placed in the purchase basket, then the registration has to be performed and the order has to be placed stating "Lease" under the payment options.
  3. At the next step of ordering the lease application form will be available and you will also receive the link to this application in your e-mail, so you can fill it in at a convenient time.
  4. In the application form you will have to specify your employer, wage and other data required for arranging the lease.
  5. Following the receipt of the order and application information we will contact you and verify to which lease company you would like to submit your application form and check the order data.
  6. Following your confirmation by phone our manager will forward the application to the lease company and receive the authorisation for signing the contract (this procedure takes up to one hour). After the authorisation is receive we will prepare the contract and the accompanying documents of the goods and you will be able to pick up the goods at our office or at the address specified by you, and at the same place the contract will be signed in compliance with the availability of the goods and the delivery terms.
  7. You have to be prepared to present your passport at the signature of the contract. (if you wish the goods to be delivered to you the copy of the passport has to be prepared)

Detailed information about the Incredit offer at: www.incredit.lv

Detailed information about the Aizdevums.lv offer at: www.aizdevums.lv

Detailed information about the lease services provided by Dateks.lv available by calling 67275758 or e-mailing info@dateks.lv.

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