GoPro HERO12 Black Accessory Bundle

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Main product parameters All parameters
  • Display size: 2.27"
  • Maximum FPS: 240
  • Memory type: microSD
  • Power source: Li-Ion battery
  • Video resolution: 5.3K (5312 x 2988)
  • Wi-Fi: Is

This great bundle includes everything you need to capture and share amazing GoPro footage. It includes the latest and best GoPro camera, the HERO12 Black, with incredible image quality, even better HyperSmooth video more stabilization and significantly longer battery life.

HERO12 Black captures 5.3K video and adds High Dynamic Range (HDR) for even more detailed shots. Rugged and lightweight, it's ready for any situation on land or in the water, while advanced stabilisation ensures smooth footage even on rough terrain terrain. Thanks to improved energy management, HERO12 Black delivers 2 times longer continuous recording at 5.3K60 (70 minutes).

This bundle also includes The Handler (a floating hand grip) for stability and control when shooting handheld footage in and out of the water, as well as the Head Strap 2.0, which allows for a variety of head mount options, and an optional Enduro battery and carrying case.

Incredible image quality, even better HyperSmooth video stabilisation and a significant improvement in battery life all come together in the new GoPro HERO12 Black.

The new model adds HDR technology to the already high 5.3K video resolution, allowing you to capture life's unforgettable moments in even greater detail. Thanks to improved power consumption technology, shooting time in the demanding 5.3K60 mode has been doubled to 70 minutes of continuous recording.

The robust, lightweight body and simple attachment system, combined with unshakable video stabilisation, make HERO12 Black ready for all of life's rough patches. When the adventure is over and the camera is charging, the captured moments are automatically uploaded to the cloud and a pre-edited video roll is sent to your smartphone, letting you relive the best moments.

Features and benefits

Waterproof up to 10m. Sometimes it's safer to leave your smartphone in your pocket. Don't let fears about the safety of your tech stop you from capturing your adventures - HERO11 Black's rugged, waterproof body lets you take it anywhere. The protective glass coating on the lens is scratch-resistant, repels water droplets and is easy to replace if you happen to break it.

2x longer battery life. HERO12 Black's dramatically improved battery efficiency combined with the included 1720mAh Enduro battery provides a two-fold increase in 5.3K60 video recording duration. 70 minutes of continuous recording at 5.3K60 resolution (the highest possible), 1.5 hours at 5.3K30, or over 2.5 hours at 1080p30.6 Using new technology, Enduro also improves battery life in cold weather compared to older GoPro models and batteries.

HDR video photography. HERO12 Black takes the already high image quality of GoPro cameras to a new level by adding HDR video (5.3K and 4K) and photo modes. This is great for environments where both shadows and bright light are present. HDR captures details that would otherwise be lost in dark shadows or in the brighter areas of the frame. As a result, GoPro achieves a dynamic scene with true colours and fine detail.

Incredible image quality. HERO12 Black's 5.3K resolution delivers 91% better quality than 4K and 665% better than 1080p. Photo quality reaches an incredible 27MP. And you can extract stop-motion footage from video in dazzling 24.7MP quality using the GoPro Quik app.

Up to 8x slow-motion. When shooting at 2.7K resolution, the camera is capable of up to 8x slow-motion at 240 fps. This slo-mo allows you to see details that you would otherwise have missed.

Emmy® award-winning HyperSmooth 6.0 stabilisation. HyperSmooth continues to set the bar for what the industry's best video stabilisation should be, and this is confirmed by the 2021 Emmy® Award for Best Digital Stabilisation. HERO12 Black adds enhancements to HyperSmooth AutoBoost mode, allowing for higher stabilisation with as little frame edge crop as possible. Whether cycling, rollerblading, skiing or chasing kids on the playground, even the shakiest shots are made smooth and enjoyable.

360° Horizon Lock. HERO12 Black's Linear Horizon Lock digital lens lets you keep a straight horizon line even when the camera is tilted 360 degrees. Combined with HyperSmooth, Horizon Lock ensures stable and professional video without the need for a mechanical stabiliser or special post-processing software.

Īpaši plats skata lauks. HERO12 Black attēla sensors nodrošina sevišķi plašu skata lauku. Īpašā 8:7 malu attiecība iekļauj vairāk debesu un horizonta, paverot plašas iespējas radošai pēcapstrādei. No viena un tā paša video izveidot gan vertikālus klipus sociālajiem tīkliem, gan klasiskus horizontālus kadrus, nezaudējot sākotnējo kvalitāti. GoPro Quik mobilā aplikācija ļauj to izdarīt ātri un jebkurā vietā. Izmantojot HyperView digitālo lēcu, lai iegūtu visplatāko kadru, iemūžinot teju visu horizontu, debesis un notiekošo pie kājām.

Compatible with the new Max Lens Mod 2.0. With the addition of the new Max Lens Mod 2.0 lens, HERO12 Black will provide the widest field of view in the history of HERO cameras - 177° (previous Max Lens Mod version was 155°). With a 36% wider field of view (FOV) in wide-angle mode and 48% wider in vertical mode,8 the camera achieves 4K60 resolution and adds Max HyperSmooth - the highest stabilisation possible. The lens will also enable Horizon Lock on all digital lenses and 1080p120 video with maximum stabilisation and 4x slo-mo at the highest FOV.

8-bit, 10-bit and Log video. HERO12 Black offers a choice of 8-bit, 10-bit or Log video modes. The 10-bit colour mode is capable of over 1 billion colours, offering richer colour depth, smoother transitions and a more realistic palette, while the 8-bit mode offers smaller file sizes. Advanced users can use Log mode to store more information in their shots and then make the necessary colour adjustments in post-processing.

Time code synchronisation. Experienced users with more than one HERO12 Black can synchronise them with identical timecodes, making editing much easier. This feature works with Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere and other editing software, further optimising post-production.

Bluetooth audio connectivity. HERO12 Black is compatible with a variety of Bluetooth devices. Vloggers will benefit from the ability to connect a wireless external microphone to improve audio quality when telling stories or conducting interviews. When connected to a wireless headset, GoPro can pick up the user's voice commands in noisy environments or where the camera is mounted out of earshot. In addition, the camera's beeps can be heard through the headset to confirm that it has received the command.

Night effects. Time Lapse mode offers 3 functions for creative nighttime videos. Star Trail uses the rotation of the earth and the movement of the stars to create iconic images of the sky. Light Painting lets you use your phone's flash, for example, to create light paintings. Vehicle Light Trails conjure up the romance of a neon city at night from the lights of cars and other vehicles.

New interval photo mode in Power Tools. For the creative, 4 dedicated GoPro modes. The new Interval Photo function takes pictures at a set, pre-programmed interval. HindSight rewinds time and saves everything shot 30 seconds before the record button is pressed, as well as everything shot after. Scheduled Capture allows you to delay the start of shooting for a set amount of time. Duration Capture allows you to specify a maximum duration of 15 seconds to 3 hours.

Automatic video editing in the cloud. While the camera is charging and connected to your home Wi-Fi network, footage is automatically uploaded to the cloud and a special algorithm automatically selects the best shots and edits the video roll. When the video is ready, it is sent to the user's smartphone.

Post-processing in the GoPro Quik app. The GoPro Quik app offers a wide range of easy-to-use tools that allow you to edit your video footage at a near-professional level. It can both customise videos automatically created by the app and create completely new videos from scratch. If you need to adapt your footage for different platforms, the mobile app allows you to change the frame format, regardless of the digital lens used to shoot it. And you can extract stop-motion footage from video in dazzling 24.7MP quality.

Easy content transfer and unlimited cloud storage. 4 file transfer options. Wireless connectivity to the GoPro mobile app will be available to everyone. You can also connect your phone and camera with a charging cable, making transfers even faster. If you are processing files on a computer, a microSD card reader is the most reliable option. The fourth option is to use a no-limit cloud service. While the camera is charging and connected to the home Wi-Fi network, the footage is automatically uploaded to the cloud

Platekrāna, vertikālā un pilnekrāna režīmi. HERO12 Black vieglie vadības elementi padara atbilstošo kadra iestatījumu izvēli ārkārtīgi vienkāršu. Tagad iespējams ātri pārslēgties starp platekrāna ierakstu (16:9 attiecībā) atskaņošanai televizorā vai YouTube, un vertikālajiem video (9:16 attiecībā) skatīšanai telefonā vai ievietošanai sociālajos tīklos. Maksimālai elastībai paredzēta pilnekrāna opcija, kas ieraksta ārkārtīgi universālajā 8:7 attiecībā. Šis režīms iemūžina visplašāko skata lauku un ļauj pēcapstrādē kadru apgriezt un pietuvināt, nezaudējot sākotnējo kvalitāti.

Simple reinforcement. The robust plastic frame is a thing of the past. Simply pop off the folding fingers, attach the camera to any mount and it's ready to go. Plus, HERO12 Black is compatible with all HERO9, HERO10 and HERO12 Black accessories. The new 1/4-20 mount offers more options, making HERO12 Black compatible with standard camera mounts and accessories.

Additional modular accessories. Need extra features? That's where modular accessories come in. The Media Mod will improve sound quality or allow you to plug any other microphone into the built-in 3.5mm jack. There's also an HDMI-out socket that lets you feed your video signal to other professional devices. The Light Mod will help you film in low light conditions.

Simple or professional camera control. HERO12 Black keeps you out of the settings jungle with a Simple Use mode, where the camera makes all the selections automatically. And for more advanced users, you can change settings down to the smallest detail.

Two LCD screens. HERO12 Black features a colour 1.4" front screen that lets you find the perfect selfie composition. And the rear touchscreen lets you quickly change settings and view your footage.

Webcam and live modes. In addition to being a great active lifestyle camera, HERO12 can also be used as a webcam. 1080p resolution and a wide-angle lens make it perfect for zooming in on lectures, sports training and friends' parties. And with the GoPro app, we can also go Facebook Live

All parameters
Display size : 2.27"
Maximum FPS : 240
Memory type : microSD
Model : GoPro HERO12 Black
Power source : Li-Ion battery
Video resolution : 5.3K (5312 x 2988)
Weight : 154 g
Wi-Fi : Is
Atmiņas karte
Additional battery
Lādētājs ar papildus akumulatoru
GoPro Hero12 Black battery in partnership with GoPro
More detailed specification
category_en - Audio, photo and video > Foto / Video accessories > Video cameras
category_lv - Audio, foto un video > Foto / video piederumi > Videokameras
category_ru - Audio, foto un video > Foto / video piederumi > Videokameras
description_en - VIDEO
• 5.3K60/ 50, 4K120/ 100, 2.7K240/ 200, 1080p240/ 200
• 16:9, 9:16, 4:3, 8:7 aspect ratio
• Up to 8x slo-mo
• HyperSmooth 6.0 with AutoBoost
• Horizon Lock / Horizon Leveling4
• 8-bit, 10-bit + Log video
• H.265 (HEVC) MP4 video
• Looping video
• Webcam mode
• Live streaming in 1080p
• Exporting stills with the GoPro Quik application
• Digital lenses
• 2x zoom
• HindSight
• QuikCapture
• Protune
• 27MP photo
• SuperPhoto, HDR + RAW
• Star Trails, Light Painting + Vehicle Light Trails effects
• Interval photo
• Night Photo
• Digital lenses
• 2x zoom
• RAW photo
• Protune
• 2.27" touch screen with touch zoom function
• 1.4" color front screen
• Easy + Pro control modes
• Widescreen, Mobile + Universal aspect ratio formats
• Customizable settings
• Customizable on-screen shortcuts
• Scheduled + Duration Capture modes
• HiLight Tag
• Voice control - 13 commands in 11 languages + 6 accents
• Automatic upload to the cloud and editing of the best moments
• Wireless transfer to the GoPro mobile application
• Very fast file transfer to phone with wire
• Transfer to PC with microSD card reader
• 5.3K TimeWarp 3.0
• Time lapse photo (27MP) + video (5.3K)
• Star Trails, Light Painting + Vehicle Light Trails effects
• Night lapse photo (27MP) + video (5.3K)
• Digital lenses
• 2x zoom
• Protune
description_lv - VIDEO
• 5.3K60/ 50, 4K120/ 100, 2.7K240/ 200, 1080p240/ 200
• 16:9, 9:16, 4:3, 8:7 kadra malu attiecība
• Līdz 8x slo-mo
• HyperSmooth 6.0 ar AutoBoost
• Horizon Lock / Horizon Leveling4
• 8-bit, 10-bit + Log video
• H.265 (HEVC) MP4 video
• Looping video
• Vebkameras režīms
• Tiešraides straumēšana 1080p
• Stopkadru eksportēšana ar GoPro Quik aplikāciju
• Digitālās lēcas
• 2x zoom
• HindSight
• QuikCapture
• Protune
• 27MP foto
• SuperPhoto, HDR + RAW
• Star Trails, Light Painting + Vehicle Light Trails efekti
• Intervālu foto
• Nakts Photo
• Digitālās lēcas
• 2x zoom
• RAW foto
• Protune
• 2.27” skārienjutīgs ekrāns ar touch zoom funkciju
• 1.4” krāsains priekšējais ekrāns
• Easy + Pro vadības režīmi
• Widescreen, Mobile + Universal malu attiecību formāti
• Pielāgojami iestatījumi
• Pielāgojami īsceļi uz ekrāna
• Scheduled + Duration Capture režīmi
• HiLight Tag
• Balss vadība - 13 komandas 11 valodās + 6 akcentos
• Automātiska augšupielāde mākonī un labāko mirkļu montāža
• Bezvadu pārnese uz GoPro mobilo aplikāciju
• Ļoti ātra failu pārnese telefonā ar vadu
• Pārnese uz datoru ar microSD karšu lasītāju
• 5.3K TimeWarp 3.0
• Time lapse photo (27MP) + video (5.3K)
• Star Trails, Light Painting + Vehicle Light Trails efekti
• Night lapse photo (27MP) + video (5.3K)
• Digitālās lēcas
• 2x zoom
• Protune
description_ru - ВИДЕО
• 5,3K60/50, 4K120/100, 2,7K240/200, 1080p240/200
• Соотношение сторон 16:9, 9:16, 4:3, 8:7.
• До 8-кратного замедления
• HyperSmooth 6.0 с AutoBoost
• Блокировка горизонта/выравнивание горизонта4
• 8-битное, 10-битное + видео журнала.
• Видео MP4 в формате H.265 (HEVC).
• Зацикленное видео.
• Режим веб-камеры
• Прямая трансляция в формате 1080p.
• Экспорт фотографий с помощью приложения GoPro Quik.
• Цифровые линзы
• 2-кратный зум
• Взгляд в прошлое
• БвикКапчер
• Протун
• Фотография с разрешением 27 МП.
• Суперфото, HDR + RAW
• Звездные следы, световая живопись + эффекты световых следов транспортных средств
• Интервальное фото
• Ночная фотография
• Цифровые линзы
• 2-кратный зум
• Фотография в формате RAW
• Протун
• Сенсорный экран диагональю 2,27 дюйма с функцией сенсорного масштабирования.
• Цветной передний экран диагональю 1,4 дюйма
• Режимы управления Easy + Pro
• Широкоэкранный формат, мобильный + универсальное соотношение сторон.
• Настраиваемые настройки
• Настраиваемые ярлыки на экране.
• Режимы съемки по расписанию и по продолжительности.
• Ярлык HiLight
• Голосовое управление — 13 команд на 11 языках + 6 акцентов
• Автоматическая загрузка в облако и редактирование лучших моментов
• Беспроводная передача данных в мобильное приложение GoPro.
• Очень быстрая передача файлов на телефон по проводу.
• Перенос на ПК с помощью устройства чтения карт памяти microSD.
• 5,3K TimeWarp 3.0
• Замедленная съемка (27 МП) + видео (5,3K).
• Звездные следы, световая живопись + эффекты световых следов транспортных средств
• Ночная съемка (27 МП) + видео (5,3K).
• Цифровые линзы
• 2-кратный зум
• Протун
EAN - 810116380367
gross_weight - 0.09 kg
Height - 74.000000
Length - 225.000000
Manufacturer - GOPRO
ManufacturerPartNumber - CHDRB-121-RW
Model - CHDRB-121-RW
PeriodofWarranty - 2 Y
Producer - GoPro
title_en - GoPro HERO12 Action Camera Holiday Edition Bundle Sports camera
title_lv - GoPro HERO12 Action Camera Holiday Edition Bundle Sporta kamera
title_ru - GoPro HERO12 Action Camera Holiday Edition Bundle Cпортивная камера
weight - 0.05 kg
Weight - 0.700000
Width - 110.000000
497.16 €
GoPro HERO12 Black Accessory Bundle
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