Xiaomi Redmi A2, 2/32GB, Dual SIM, Light Green

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Warranty: 2 years
Main product parameters All parameters
  • Refresh rate: 60Hz
  • Screen resolution: 720 x 1600
  • Screen size: IPS LCD
  • Screen size: 6.52"
  • Bult-in memory: 32GB
  • Dual Sim: Ir
  • Onboard OS: Android 12
  • Main camera resolution (wide-angle): 8 MPix
  • Battery: 5000 mAh
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Display characteristics
Refresh rate 60Hz 90Hz 120Hz 60Hz 120Hz
Screen protection N/A Gorilla Glass 3 Gorilla Glass 5 N/A Gorilla Glass Victus
Screen resolution 720 x 1600 1080 x 2408 1080 x 2400 720 x 1600 1768 x 2208
Screen size 6.52" 6.58" 6.67" 6.5" 7.6"
Basic information
Bult-in memory 32GB 64GB 256GB 64GB 256GB
Color Green Grey Melna Green Melna
Dual Sim Ir Ir Ir Ir Ir
Model Xiaomi Redmi A2 Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 5G Xiaomi Redmi Note 12 Pro+ Motorola Moto E13 Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G
Weight 170g 200g 210g 180g 271g
Processor parameters
CPU cores 8 (Octa Core) 8 (Octa Core) 8 (Octa Core) 8 (Octa Core) 8 (Octa Core)
Processor (Chipset) Mediatek Helio G36 MediaTek MT6833 (Dimensity 700 5G) Mediatek Dimensity 1080 Unisoc T606 Snapdragon 888
Random-access memory (RAM)
RAM Memory 2GB 4GB 8GB 2GB 12GB
Operating system
Onboard OS Android 12 Android 12 Android 12 Android 13 (Go edition) Android 11
Ports and equipment
3.5mm audio jack Yes Yes Yes Yes Nav
Memory card slot microSD (dedicated slot) microSD (dedicated slot) Nav microSD (dedicated slot) Nav
SIM size Nano-SIM Nano-SIM Nano-SIM Nano-SIM Nano-SIM
USB port microUSB Type-C Type-C Type-C Type-C
Wireless connections
4G network Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
5G tīkls Nav Ir Ir Nav Ir
Bluetooth 5.0 5.1 5.2 5.0 5.2
FM Radio Yes Yes Nav Yes Nav
GPS Ir Ir Ir Ir Ir
NFC Nav Ir Ir Nav Ir
WiFi Wi-Fi 4 (802.11n) Wi-Fi 5 (802.11ac) Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) Wi-Fi 5 (802.11ac) Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax)
Camera properties
Camera Flash Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Front facing camera 5 MPix 5 MPix 16 MPix 5 MPix 10 MPix
Macro camera Nav Nav 2 MPix Nav Nav
Main camera resolution (wide-angle) 8 MPix 50 MPix 200 MPix 13 MPix 12 Mpix
Number of cameras 2 2 3 1 3
Telephoto camera Nav Nav Nav Nav 12 MPix
Ultra wide-angle camera Nav Nav 8 MPix Nav 12 MPix
Video capture resolution Full HD (1920 x 1080) Full HD (1920 x 1080) 4K (3840 x 2160) Full HD (1920 x 1080) 4K (3840 x 2160)
Battery 5000 mAh 5000 mAh 5000 mAh 5000 mAh 4400 mAh
Removable battery Nav Nav Nav Nav Nav
Display characteristics
Refresh rate : 60Hz
Screen protection N/A
To protect smartphones (and tablet computers) from accidental scratches and damage, large companies install a particularly robust, but at the same time very thin protective layer on their device displays. The most popular and renowned is the Corning created Gorilla Glass protective layer.
Screen resolution 720 x 1600
Screen Resolution determines how much information (pixels) phone is capable of displaying. The higher the resolution, the image will be less grainy. Currently, when purchasing a smartphone we recommend to choose models with a resolution that is at least 720x1280 pixels high. Currently, most of the popular companies top models are already using FullHD (1080x1920) resolution displays.
Screen size IPS LCD
Screen size 6.52"
Screen size is fixed diagonally and recorded in inches (1 "= 2.54cm). Besides this an important parameter is the screen resolution.
Basic information
Bult-in memory 32GB
Color : Green
Dual Sim Ir
Dual Sim support indicates that 2 SIM cards can be inserted and used at the same time. They can even be of different service providers.
Model : Xiaomi Redmi A2
Weight : 170g
Processor parameters
CPU cores 8 (Octa Core)
Processor (Chipset) : Mediatek Helio G36
Random-access memory (RAM)
RAM Memory 2GB
Operating system
Onboard OS Android 12
Ports and equipment
3.5mm audio jack Yes
Currently the 3.5mm headphone jack is the most popular audio connection. It provides the ability to connect the phone with almost any headphones, amplifier or external speakers.
Memory card slot microSD (dedicated slot)
Currently, most smartphones have built-in 8GB, 16GB or 32GB of memory storage for files, multimedia and applications. However, this amount may not be sufficient for a large music, photo or video collection. Therefore, on average, 50 percent of smartphones have an available memory card slot that allows you to increase the amount of data that can be stored. Most of the phones have built-in microSD memory slot, which usually allows the use of cards with up to 32GB of storage space, the latest models also support the 64GB microSDHC. More detailed information can be found on the manufacturer's website.
SIM size Nano-SIM
USB port microUSB
Wireless connections
4G network Yes
5G tīkls : Nav
Bluetooth 5.0
Bluetooth is a widely used wireless connection that enables data transmission over short distances. It is used to transfer files between two phones or a phone and a computer. Also available are numerous Bluetooth accessories - hands-free systems, wireless headsets, HRM etc..
FM Radio Yes
WiFi Wi-Fi 4 (802.11n)
Camera properties
Camera Flash Yes
Front facing camera 5 MPix
Macro camera : Nav
Number of cameras : 2
Telephoto camera : Nav
Ultra wide-angle camera : Nav
Video capture resolution Full HD (1920 x 1080)
Battery 5000 mAh
Viedtālruņu akumulatora ietilpību norāda miliampērstundās (mAh). Teorijā - jo vairāk mAh, jo tālrunis spēj ilgāk darboties pēc vienas uzlādes reizes. Tomēr dabā tas nav tik vienkārši un pamatoti, jo strāvas patēriņš ir ļoti atkarīgs no telefona tehniskās specifikācijas - procesora jaudas, ekrāna izmēra un spilgtuma, kā arī operētājsistēmas optimizācijām un visbeidzot no lietošanas paradumiem.
Removable battery Nav
More detailed specification
Battery - Battery capacity - 5000 mAh
Camera - Flash type - LED
Camera - Front camera aperture number - 2.2
Camera - Front camera resolution (numeric) - 5 MP
Camera - Front camera type - Single camera
Camera - Maximum frame rate - 30 fps
Camera - Portrait mode - Yes
Camera - Rear camera aperture number - 2
Camera - Rear camera flash - Yes
Camera - Rear camera resolution (numeric) - 8 MP
Camera - Rear camera type - Dual camera
Camera - Resolution at capture speed - 1280x720@30fps
Camera - Resolution at capture speed - 1920x1080@30fps
Camera - Time lapse mode - Yes
Camera - Video capture resolution (max) - 1920 x 1080 pixels
Camera - Video recording modes - 720p
Camera - Video recording modes - 1080p
Category - Telefoni, Viedpulksteņi :: Mobilie telefoni un viedtālruņi
Category_1 - Phones and Navigation
Category_2 - Mobile Phones
category_en - Smartphones, smartwatches and accessories > Mobile phones
category_lv - Viedtālruņi, viedpulksteņi un piederumi > Mobilie telefoni
category_ru - Viedtālruņi, viedpulksteņi un piederumi > Mobilie telefoni
Code - 6941812721971
Desc - Telefona tips: Viedtālrunis, Krāsa: Zaļa, Sim karšu skaits: 2, Paaugstināta izturīguma ekrāns: Nav, OS: Android, Operētājsistēmas versija: 13, Ekrāna izmērs: 6.52", Izšķirtspēja: 720 x 1600, Ekrāna tehnoloģija: IPS LCD, Procesora kodoli: 8, Operatīvā atmiņa: 2 GB, Atmiņa iekārtai: 32 GB, Atmiņas karte (max): 128 GB, Videokameras max izšķirtspēja: 1080p, 4G atbalsts: Ir, 5G atbalsts: Nav, WiFi atbalsts: Ir, Wifi protokoli: IEEE 802.11ax, Bluetooth: Ir, NFC: Nav, USB porti: Micro USB, Audio ligzda austiņām: 3.5mm, GPS: Ir, FM radio: Nav, Garantija: 2 gadi
description_en - Phone Type: Smartphone
Number of SIM cards: 2
High-strength screen: no
OS: Android
Operating system version: 13
Screen Size: 6.52"
Resolution: 720 x 1600
Screen Technology: IPS LCD
Processor cores: 8
Memory for the machine: 32 GB
Memory Card (Max): 128 GB
The maximum resolution of the video camera: 1080p
4G support: yes
5G Support: No
Wi-Fi support: yes
Wifi Protocols: IEEE 802.11 ax
USB Ports: Type C
Headphone audio jack: 3.5mm
GPS: yes
description_lv - Telefona tips: Viedtālrunis
Sim karšu skaits: 2
Paaugstināta izturīguma ekrāns: Nav
OS: Android
Operētājsistēmas versija: 13
Ekrāna izmērs: 6.52"
Izšķirtspēja: 720 x 1600
Ekrāna tehnoloģija: IPS LCD
Procesora kodoli: 8
Operatīvā atmiņa: 2 GB
Atmiņa iekārtai: 32 GB
Atmiņas karte (max): 128 GB
Videokameras max izšķirtspēja: 1080p
4G atbalsts: Ir
5G atbalsts: Nav
WiFi atbalsts: Ir
Wifi protokoli: IEEE 802.11ax
Bluetooth: Ir
USB porti: Type C
Audio ligzda austiņām: 3.5mm
description_ru - Тип телефона: смартфон
Количество SIM-карт: 2
Экран повышенной прочности: нет
ОС: Android
Версия операционной системы: 13
Размер экрана: 6.52"
Разрешение: 720 x 1600
Технология экрана: IPS LCD
Ядра процессора: 8
Оперативная память: 2 ГБ
Память для машины: 32 ГБ
Карта памяти (Макс): 128 ГБ
Максимальное разрешение видеокамеры: 1080p
Поддержка 4G: есть
Поддержка 5G: нет
Поддержка wi-fi: есть
Протоколы Wifi: IEEE 802.11 ax
Порты USB: Тип C
Аудиоразъем для наушников: 3,5 мм
GPS: есть
Design - Product colour - Light Green
dimensionalWeight - 168
Display - Display diagonal - 16.6 cm (6.52")
Display - Display resolution - 1600 x 720 pixels
Display - Native aspect ratio - 20:9
EAN - 6941812721971
EAN_code - 6941812721971
gross_weight - 0.4 kg
ImageUrl - https://www.balticdata.lv/Gfx/ProductImages/Info/Product_102927_1.png
LargeDescHTML -
Manufacturer - Xiaomi
Manufacturer_code - MZB0DWTEU
Messaging - E-mail - Yes
Messaging - Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) - Yes
Messaging - Short Message Service (SMS) - Yes
Model - Xiaomi Redmi A2
Multimedia - FM radio - Yes
Name - Viedtālrunis Xiaomi Redmi A2 32GB Light Green
Name - Xiaomi Redmi A2 32GB Cell Phone (Light Green, Android 12 GO)
Navigation - BeiDou - Yes
Navigation - Galileo - Yes
Navigation - GLONASS - Yes
Navigation - GPS (satellite) - Yes
Navigation - Position location - Yes
Network - 4G standard - LTE-TDD & LTE-FDD
Network - 5G standard - Not supported
Network - Bluetooth - Yes
Network - Bluetooth version - 5.0
Network - Mobile network generation - 4G
Network - Near Field Communication (NFC) - No
Network - SIM card capability - Dual SIM
Network - SIM card type - NanoSIM
Network - Wi-Fi - Yes
Packaging content - AC adapter included - Yes
Packaging content - AC adapter power - 10 W
Packaging content - Cables included - USB
Packaging content - Quick start guide - Yes
Packaging content - SIM card ejector pin - Yes
Packaging content - Warranty card - Yes
Performance - Fast charging - Yes
Performance - Speakerphone - Yes
Performance - Vibrating alert - Yes
Performance - Video call - Yes
Ports & interfaces - Headphone connectivity - 3.5 mm
Ports & interfaces - USB connector type - Micro-USB
Ports & interfaces - USB port - Yes
Processor - Processor boost frequency - 2.2 GHz
Processor - Processor cores - 8
Processor - Processor family - MediaTek
Processor - Processor model - Helio G36
Producer - Xiaomi
productName - Xiaomi Redmi A2 2/32GB Light Green
productSize - Normal
Sensors - Accelerometer - Yes
Sensors - Ambient light sensor - Yes
Sensors - Proximity sensor - Yes
sizeX - 85
sizeY - 55
sizeZ - 180
Software - Operating system installed - Android 13 Go edition
Software - Platform - Android
Software - Virtual assistant - Google Assistant
Storage - Compatible memory cards - MicroSD (TransFlash)
Storage - Internal storage capacity - 32 GB
Storage - Maximum memory card size - 1 TB
Storage - Memory card slot type - Dedicated slot
Storage - RAM capacity - 2 GB
Storage - RAM type - LPDDR4X
title_en - Xiaomi Redmi A2 Smartphone 32GB
title_lv - Xiaomi Redmi A2 Viedtālrunis 32GB
title_ru - Xiaomi Redmi A2 Смартфон 32GB
warrantyLength - 24
warrantyType - G
Weight - 0,36
weight - 0.2 kg
weight - 370
Weight & dimensions - Depth - 9.09 mm
Weight & dimensions - Height - 164.9 mm
Weight & dimensions - Weight - 192 g
Weight & dimensions - Width - 76.8 mm
75.53 €
Xiaomi Redmi A2, 2/32GB, Dual SIM, Light Green
Tālr. 67275758 gsm 26117175 (p.o.t.c.p. 9:00-18:00)
Intel technology provider Platinum 2020
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