Chieftec 500W, PROTON Series, 80+ Bronze

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ID: 153815 Product code: BDF-500S
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Warranty: 2 years
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Main product parameters All parameters
  • +12V_1: 42A
  • +12V_2: 0
  • +12V_3: 0
  • +12V_4: 0
  • Power output: 500W
  • 80 PLUS certification: 80+ Bronze
  • PFC: Active PFC
  • Modular cables: Nav
  • Fan size: 120 mm
We offer to buy Chieftec the power supply unit with 500W the power supply capacity and 120 mm cooling.

Thanks to the particularly powerful 42A first 12V power line and 2 X 6+2pin devoted PCI-Express plug-ins this power supply unit is intended for a computer with a single very powerful graphics card (the type of application of the card "Extreme Gaming or PowerGaming").

Active PFC (power factor correction) makes this power supply unit more environment friendly thanks to the fact that this unit uses only the effective power component in the power network without creating artificial consumption on the account of noise and fluctuations. This feature does not provide any direct advantages or disadvantages to the user.

The 12cm diameter of the cooler of this power unit is the industry standard for ensuring silent operation of average class computers. If you wish to have an especially silent unit you should look for a unit with the ventilator diameter of 13.5cm or 14cm.
All parameters
+12V_1 : 42A
+12V_2 : 0
+12V_3 : 0
+12V_4 : 0
+12V_5 : 0
+12V_6 : 0
Basic information
Power supply type : ATX
Power output 500W
The capacity of the power supply unit in watts. A higher capacity means higher stability of the computer operation. The recommended capacity of the power supply unit of a modern average computer is 500 W and above. If you use several HDDs, a powerful video card and processor it is recommended to buy a power supply unit with the capacity 600 W or above.
80 PLUS certification : 80+ Bronze
PFC Active PFC
Ir 2 tipu PFC (Power Factor Correction) - aktīvais (Active PFC) un pasīvais (PPFC, jeb vienkārši PFC).
Active PFC ir visizplatītākais veids, jo nodrošina maksimāli augstu efektivitāti (līdz pat 95%), kā arī krietni minimizē trokšņu daudzumu barošanas ķēdē. Tas automātiski pielāgojas maiņstrāvas (AC) spriegumam (voltage) un nodrošina saderību ar jebkuru elektrotīklu (110V - 250V).
Passive PFC ir ražošanas izmaksu ziņā lētāks risinājums, taču tas ir krietni jūtīgāks uz izmaiņām elektrotīklā, kā arī nenodrošina tik augstu efektivitāti kā APFC. Pasīvie barošanas bloki nespēj automātiski pielāgoties elektrotīklam, un tie parasti ir paredzēti tikai viena veida (230V vai 110V) elektrotīklam, vai arī uz iekārtas atrodams slēdzis manuālai voltāžas iestatīšanai.
Pastāv arī barošanas bloki bez PFC, taču Eiropas Savienībā tādus izplatīt ir aizliegts ar normatīviem.
Modular cables : Nav
Fan size : 120 mm
Ports and equipment
Motherboard power : 24+8pin
PCI-E : 2 X 6+2pin
SATA cconnectors : 6
4pin Molex : 2
More detailed specification
Additional information in manufacturers website Chieftec 500W, PROTON Series, 80+ Bronze
8-pin 12V power connectors - 0
Accessories included -
Category - Root/Electronics/PC parts/PC power supply units
Certificates - 80 PLUS Bronze
Certificates - CB
Certificates - CE
Certificates - ERP
Certificates - RoHS
Certificates - TUV
Certificates 80+ - 80 PLUS Bronze
Colour - Black
Depth - 140 mm
Description - With this new PROTON series, CHIEFTEC has the latest technology: Double Forward Technologies. The basis of this technology are special high quality capacitors. These Double Forward power supplies generate here the best and optimum performance. The benefits are obvious that they conserve power in combination with significantly higher and more robust performance, which in turn ensures a longer service life of the components installed. The performance of the PROTON power supplies is 80PLUS BRONZE certified, which meets all ENERGY STAR 5.0 requirements and higher standards.
dimension depth - 248 mm
dimension height - 175 mm
dimension weight - 1919 g
dimension width - 101 mm
Dimensions - 140 x 150 x 87 mm
ean - 4710713231269
Eans - 4710713231269
Fan - 12 cm
Fan's size class - 120 mm
Floppy power connectors - 0
Format - ATX
guarantee - 24
guarantee_type - statutory
Height - 87 mm
MB power connector - 24 pin
Medium Time Between Failure (MTBF) - no data
Modular power supply - No
MOLEX power connectors - 2
More info - [LINK]
name - BDF-500SC 500W Proton, 80+bronze, box
Name - Chieftec BDF-500S
Net weight - 2.35 kg
Number of electric plugs +12V 4+4-pin (EPS12V) - 1 Pcs
Number of electric plugs +12V 8-pin (EPS12V) - 0 Pcs
Number of electric plugs 4-pin (FAN) - 0 Pcs
Number of electric plugs 6+2-pin (PCI-E) - 2 Pcs
Number of electric plugs 6-pin (PCI-E) - 0 Pcs
Number of electric plugs 8-pin (PCI-E) - 0 Pcs
Number of electric plugs Serial ATA - 6 Pcs
Number of fans - 1 Pcs
Number of power supply connector 4+4-pin 12V - 1
Number of power supply connector 4-pin 12V - 0
Number of power supply connectors PCI-E 6 +2 pin - 2
Number of electric plugs +12V 4-pin (P4) - 0 Pcs
Number of electric plugs 3-pin (FAN) - 0 Pcs
Number of electric plugs 4-pin (FDD) - 0 Pcs
Number of electric plugs 4-pin (HDD/ODD) - 2 Pcs
Other features - - UVP (undervoltage protection)
- OVP (overvoltage protection)
- SCP (short-circuit protection)
- OPP (overload protection)
- OCP (overcurrent protection)
- OTP (thermal protection)
- AFC (automatic fan speed control)
PCI-E 6-pin power connectors - 0
PCI-E 8-pin power connectors - 0
PFC - Active
PFC (Power Factor Correction) type - active
Power supply - 500 W
Power supply (supplies) power - 500 Watt
Power supply kind - Standard
Power supply standard (ATX) - 2,3
producer - Chieftec
Producer - Chieftec
ProducerCode - BDF-500S
Protections - OCP (Over Current Protection)
Protections - OPP (Over Power Protection)
Protections - OTP (Over Temperature Protection)
Protections - OVP (Over-Voltage Protection)
Protections - SCP (Short circuit protection)
Protections - UVP (Under Voltage Protection)
SATA power connectors - 6
ShortDescription - 500 | ATX | 120 mm | 20 + 4 pin | 150mm x 87mm x 140mm | 80PLUS BRONZE
Type of +12V electric plug - EPS12V
Type of ATX power supply connector - 20-pin + 4-pin
vendpn - BDF-500S
Warranty - 24 months
Warranty - Warranty 36 months
Width - 150 mm
62.59 €
Chieftec 500W, PROTON Series, 80+ Bronze
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