Clementoni Goal

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Brand - Clementoni
BrandPartCode - 50705
Category - Learning Toys
Category - Root/Child/Toys/Educational
Eans - 8005125507054
Features - Languages support - Polish
Features - Product colour - Multicolour
Features - Recommended age (min) - 1.5 yr(s)
Features - Recommended age group - Child
Features - Suggested gender - Boy/Girl
GTIN - 8005125507054
Learning & training skills - Imaginative playing - Yes
LongDesc - The starting whistle blows and the goalkeeper moves to the right and left. With the football goal, which is also an activity centre, fun takes to the field! The football goal acquires a new function attuned to football for expanding the play experience and making it even more engaging and attractive. Sounds, voices and light effects capture the child’s attention and guide them as they play, while mechanical activities help them to develop fine motor skills, coordination and cognitive abilities. The passion for football grips children and adults alike: with this toy, children and adults can share the enjoyment of playing together. The goal recognises the whistle that makes the goalkeeper move to the right and left, making the goalscoring action more challenging. Features 3 coloured light-up switches that activate rhymes to guide the child through engaging and interactive play experiences, by stimulating them in different ways. With the soft rubber ball, suitably sized for small football players, scoring goals will be great fun! Whenever the ball touches the net, the goal counts the goals and celebrates with sound effects. The child will be encouraged to count and continue playing for having fun and learning. The goalkeeper can be removed at any time to play freely with the football goal.
LongProductName - 13 x 58 x 46cm, 18+ month
LongSummaryDescription - Clementoni Action & Réaction 50705. Recommended age (min): 1.5 yr(s), Product colour: Multicolour
Name - Clementoni Bramka 50705
Packaging data - Package depth - 130 mm
Packaging data - Package height - 460 mm
Packaging data - Package width - 580 mm
Producer - Clementoni
ProducerCode - 50705
ProductName - 50705
ShortDescription -
ShortSummaryDescription - Clementoni Action & Réaction 50705, 1.5 yr(s), Multicolour
Title - Clementoni Action & Réaction 50705 learning toy
WarrantyInfo -
48.87 €
Clementoni Goal
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