Dateks Intel Celeron Gen10 Home & Business, Celeron G5905, 8GB (1x8) DDR4, 240GB SATA, bez OS

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+ 3 DeepCool RF120 RGB fans
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Warranty: 2 years (Warranty for business entities 1 year)
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  • Case: Deepcool MATREXX 55 MESH, Black, Tempered Glass
  • PSU: Cooler Master MWE White V2, 400W, 80PLUS
  • Motherboard: Gigabyte H410M H V3
  • CPU: Intel Celeron G5905 (2C/2T, 3.50 GHz, 4MB Cache, LGA1200, 58W)
  • RAM: ADATA XPG Gammix D10 Black, 8GB, DDR4, 3200MHz, CL16, Single Stick
  • SSD: Intenso High, 240GB, 7mm
Our Home & Business series computer is built for simple everyday workflow which includes internet browsing, document editing (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) and playback of audio and video. The integrated graphics built in the Intel Celeron G5905 CPU is good enough to play high resolution videos while 8GB (1x8) DDR4 RAM and an 240GB SATA SSD makes sure that operating system and software loads quickly without lagging.

CPU Intel Celeron G5905

The included Intel Celeron G5905 processor has 2 cores and 4 MB cache. It has a base frequency of 3.50 GHz, which can be increased to for more demanding tasks thanks to Turbo technology.

This Celeron G5905 series PC achieves 2500+ points in the PassMark Performance Test which is enough for simple home, school and office tasks using internet and office software. If you need a solution for latest games or professional software we suggest you look for a computer running at least AMD Ryzen 5 or Intel Core i5 processor.

RAM 8GB (1x8) DDR4

One of the mandatory computer components is dynamic memory also called RAM (random access memory). This parameter is quite easy to understand – the more RAM the computer has the faster and more responsive it is. In this Home & Business series PC we have included 8GB (1x8) DDR4 RAM which runs at 3200 MHz clock and has CL 16 latency which is optimal for this configuration.


This Home & Business series PC is configured with a 240GB SATA SSD which reaches 520 MB/s read speed and up to 500 MB/s while writing data. SSD is a mandatory component of any computer if you are looking for fast startup of operating system and programs. It also ensures the levels of the games load much quicker.

Graphics card Integrēta procesorā

This Home & Business series computer has no discrete graphics card but it’s using integrated GPU which is good enough for everyday tasks and playback of high resolution videos. If you’re looking to play modern games you have to take a look at our Gaming series offerings.


Nowadays we spend more and more of our time at the computer, so ergonomics should be a serious consideration when choosing a computer. There is a very strong relationship between proper ergonomics and optimal health. Laptops are not suitable for prolonged use due to their relatively small screen which is located too close to the keyboard. Therefore, only one of these elements can be positioned correctly at the ideal distance from the user. Continuous use and an unnatural sitting position can result in neck and back pain and even lead to deformed posture. Plus, the small screen increases strain on the eyes which can make your vision deteriorate over time.

By choosing a desktop computer equipped with keyboard, mouse and a large monitor (or two) it is much easier to set up the workplace that suits your body to avoid fatigue and pain in muscles and joints and eliminate the possibility of serious problems in the long run.


Remember to take a small 3 to 5 minute break after every hour on the computer! No matter how ergonomically your workplace is arranged you should stand up, walk around, flex your muscles, joints and eyes by alternately looking to close and far objects so the eye muscles don’t adapt to unwanted focusing at a certain distance.

Advantages of a desktop computer

Mobile processors and graphics cards have become more powerful in the last couple of years but the difference between the performance of a laptop and a desktop PC is still marginal. Of course you can run modern games and even professional photo and video editing software on a laptop but at the same price point a desktop computer will offer more performance than a laptop at almost any task.

In our experience insufficient cooling is also a serious problem in laptops and there’s an easy explanation – users want their devices to be powerful yet thin and light which is almost an impossible combination to achieve. Most consumers and manufacturers prefer design and mobility over performance, which results in a visually attractive product that heats up rapidly after just few minutes or even seconds after putting an increased load on the main components. Laptop fans start spinning faster to cope with the excessive heat. This increases the noise and is very often not effective enough, so the CPU and/or GPU reaches its temperature limit and the thermal throttling (self-preservation by significantly lowering the clock speed) kicks in. That results in a big loss of performance.

You don’t have to worry about overheating when you purchase our Home & Business series desktop PC. We have installed optimal BOX Cooler which will make sure that the Celeron G5905 processor delivers its advertised performance without overheating. The temperature and noise levels will remain at a comfortable level all the time.

Why choose

E-shop, a subsidiary of SIA DATEKS GRUPA, has been working in the e-tail and OEM business space continuously since 2009. Custom built Desktop PCs are our passion. Our customers have come to greatly appreciate our commitment to this PC niche, including professional gamers and streamers, marketing agencies, architects, banks, IT startups and others which prefer working with us not only because of the price but our high quality standards and professional attitude during each step of the purchase process. This includes order processing, computer assembly and testing, delivery and warranty service (if there’s a need for that).

When you create an order of a Desktop PC from our specialist checks the configuration for any compatibility issues regardless if the cost of the build is €250 or €2500. If we see any problems or a place for improvement in terms of performance and quality we'll contact the customer and inform him about possible configuration changes than he can benefit of without spending extra.

We will always contact the customer if there is a need to change the configuration of the build, whether a part runs out of stock in the warehouse or we see an alternative of better quality or performance. We find this completely sets us apart from our competitors. We take the time to explain the situation and collaboratively find the right solution together! For example, if the original memory runs out of stock but we see another option with the same or better frequency at the same price we’ll certainly call you to inform you about the situation and offer alternatives, but the final word is always your’s.

All of our custom built computers are assembled by experienced technicians at no extra charge - you pay only for the components! We follow the latest industry guidelines and trends for optimal component layout and cable management to make the system look appealing and increase the cooling efficiency.

If you purchase Windows 10 license together with the computer we’ll install the operating system with all necessary drivers free of charge. That means you can start using your new computer immediately after you’ve connected it to power outlet!


Every Desktop PC comes with a 2 year warranty. All parts, their unique serial numbers and warranty period is visible in a document you’ll receive together with computer. For individual parts with a warranty period more than 2 years we’ll provide warranty service in the full amount till the end of the warranty period. Our computers are not sealed or otherwise restricted, so the customer is allowed to open chassis for cleaning or to replace or upgrade memory or other components. Of course, tampering of individual components is not allowed under manufacturer’s policy.

FYI! After purchasing a custom built Desktop PC a consumer cannot use his rights of withdrawal because each computer is manufactured exclusively from specific computer components, so according to MK Regulation No. 255 point 22.3. the goods are made to the consumer's specification and are clearly personalized.


+ 3 DeepCool RF120 RGB fans
This is among the most important components when you buy a new computer because the capacity and the types of connections of the power supply unit will determine further upgrade possibilities.
It is advisable to maintain the recommended or higher capacity unit.
CPU is the main component determining the performance of the computer. The main criteria of selecting the CPU include the clock frequency, the number of cores, the capacity of the cache memory and HyperThreading or the availability of virtual cores.
CPU Cooler
A cooler is an important component and without it the computer CPU will overheat within a couple of minutes after switching on. A high quality cooler provides a silent and stable operation of the computer as well as a long CPU lifetime.
CPU performs its tasks with a higher speed than that at which the HDD can deliver the data. Therefore, an intermediate stage (RAM) is required where the CPU can write and read the information it needs fast.

When the operating system is started it "loads" from the HDD to the RAM. The same process happens with all the applications and files opened with them. Therefore it is very important to have enough space in the RAM for all the above data for enabling the CPU to handle this information at a high speed.

If insufficient capacity RAM has been selected the CPU starts to use the HDD for its short-term operations and the computer becomes extremely slow at this moment. Therefore it is important to buy the memory volume required for handling the relevant tasks.

For average use, like the Internet browsing, working with documents and enjoying multimedia possibilities, 4GB RAM is fully sufficient.

For demanding 3D computer games, video/audio editing applications and any professional software at least 8GB RAM is required.

You should remember that there is never too much RAM. Therefore, if you can afford it you should buy more. Still you should take into account that the RAM is a parameter which can be upgraded by buying additional volume later if there are enough free memory connection slots in the motherboard.

Video Card
The graphic performance is ensured by the video card. This is the device to which you will connect one or several monitors and, possibly, the TV set. It is important to verify whether the selected video card has corresponding connection slots for connecting the above devices.

The most important difference between video cards is in their GPU or the central graphics core. This parameter determines the graphic performance and can be improved only if the whole card is replaced with another one.

Also video cards with equal GPU and model may differ by the volume of the graphic memory, the memory type, the cooling type and clock frequencies.

The graphic memory volume provides a possibility to play 3D games at a higher resolution, therefore, if you like games and plan to buy a big monitor or several monitors you should select a video card with the memory capacity of at least 1GB. If a video card is short of graphic memory it may "borrow" the necessary volume from the computer RAM. Still the difference in speed is considerable and in favour of the graphic memory.

You should pay attention to the memory type and frequency. DDR3 memory is better than DDR2 and slower than DDR5. And also DDR3 1800MHz memory will be faster than 1600MHz memory of the same type. Also the memory bandwidth is important within one memory type. Thus, DDR3 256bit memory will be faster than DDR3 128bit memory.

The type and quality of cooling is among the most important selection criteria of a video card. A good cooler contains one big or several small cooler and a bigger radiator than the standard cooling equipment of the relevant video card. You should ask our managers and they will help to select the best offer.

It is possible to buy a good cooler as a separate device, however, it is quite expensive ~25 LVL, therefore it is better to buy a card with sufficiently good cooling included.

When cards with identical GPU are selected you should pay attention to the availability of OC (OverClock) or industrially overclocked versions of the card. This type of the card secures higher graphic performance, still it has to be taken into account that it is usually achieved on the account of more intense (louder) cooling and operational stability.

An average SSD is several times faster than the standard HDD. Due to the small volume and the considerable price different the SSD is usually used for storing the operating system and the software and the HDD is dedicated for the data. SSD can make the uploading time of the operating system and software much shorter.

An SSD disc consists of microchips, thus there are no moving parts in it and it is completely silent (0 dB). Due to this fact an SSD disc is more resistant to vibration and other mechanical impact than an HDD.

Due to the construction specifics higher volume SSD discs usually are higher-speed and the different in the speed can be even multifold. Therefore prior to buying it you should study carefully the indices of the operation speed of the SSD disc - reading and writing speed in Megabytes per second (MB/s). The operation speed of an average SSD disc has to be ~250 MB/s. Read un ~200 MB/s. Write. For high performance discs these indices will be ~350 MB/s Read un ~450MB/s Write accordingly. 

The operation speed and volume of SSD discs is improving rapidly and the prices are falling. Therefore you should buy this type of disc only when the high-speed operation and silence are more important than the relevant investment.

HDD 3.5"
The place where files will be stored (the operating system, documents, films, games, music, etc.). The bigger the volume the more space. 1TB is enough for storing hundreds of films, thousands of mp3 files and digital photos and millions of documents.

Only the users who like to save everything or whose work specifics include a high volume of data, like, professional editing of photos and videos, large scale database systems, etc., should buy a disc above 1TB. For an average user a 1TB disc is "more than enough"

Besides the volume it is also necessary to select the speed of the disc. It is determined by the index of rotations per minute (rpm) and the cache memory. A 1000rpm disc will be faster than 7200rpm (and also more noisy in operation). At the same rotation index a disc with 64MB cache memory will be faster than a disc with 32MB cache memory, etc.

The disc parameters can be improved by purchasing additional disc and the number depends on the 3.5" HDD niches of the housing and the capacity of the power supply unit (an average HDD consumes approximately 25W power supply.)

The type of the connection slot SATAII and SATAIII are not very important as these are mutually compatible standards and (in case of HDDs) are not very important for the high-speed of data transmission.

Optical drive
The optical device is required if you want to read or write CD, DVD or BluRay format discs. The DVRW device can write and read all types of CDs and DVDs. BluRay combo can read also BluRay discs. The BluRay Writer is the most universal disc drive because it is suitable for reading/ writing all types of CD, DVD and BluRay format discs.

Populārākais disku veids patreiz ir DVD, tamdēļ vidusmēra lietotājam rekomendējam iegādāties DVDRW iekārtu.

BluRay diski nav pārāk izplatīti dēļ salīdzinoši augstās cenas. Tomēr, ja vēlaties, lai iekārta ļautu Jums noskatīties filmas BluRay formātā, iegādājieties BluRay combo, kas ļauj rakstīt/lasīt DVD un CD, bet tikai lasīt BluRay.

Savukārt, ja bieži arhīvējiet liela apjoma datus, un vēlaties to darīt kompaktā formā, tad iegādājieties BluRay Writer, kas pilda visas iepriekšminētās funkcijas un papildus spēj ierakstīt līdz pat 50 GB (DualLayer) BluRay diskus.

Flash card reader
This device ensures the reading/ writing of the photo camera and mobile data cards from the card itself without the necessity to connect the camera or the phone. Prior to selecting this device you should verify whether it supports the required card standards.

Populārākie standarti ir SDHC (SecureDigital High capacity) un microSD, kas pieejami standarta digitālajās kamerās Canon, Nikon, Kodak u.c. microSD un microSDHC karšu tips pieejams Nokia, Samsung u.c. mobilajos tālruņos

Sony iekārtām raksturīgas MemoryStick tipa kartes, Olympus kamerām - XD (Xtreme digital)kartes.

Digitālās profesionālās spoguļkameras lielākoties aprīkotas ar CF (CompactFlash) un MicroDrive kartēm.

Lai noskaidrotu kāds karšu tips ir Jūsu kamerai, izņemiet to no attiecīgās iekārtas un aplūkojiet. Visām kartēm uz korpusa ir norādīts tās tips ar attiecīgo saīsinājumu. Ja uz kartes nav informācijas, šo informāciju iespējams atrast attiecīgās iekārtas lietošanas instrukcijā vai tehniskajā specifikācijā.

Operating system
When you buy the computer with the operating system Group provides its installation with the system drivers included without an additional fee for the work. The licensed operating system provides for its legal use and full support for the security and other updates.

For an average home or small office user without any specific requirements we recommend to buy the Windows 7 English 64bit version.

You should choose the 32bit software only in the case when you plan to use the software that has known compatibility problems with the 64bit operating system or devices that do not have 64bit drivers. However, most of the 32bit software can operate within the 64bit operating system.

All the computers and components offered by Dateks provide full support of the 64bit operating system, therefore we recommend this choice because of the fact that the support of the RAM above 3 GB is possible only in 64bit mode and this type of operating systems is gradually becoming the leading standard and it is inevitable that it will fully replace the 32bit systems in future.

When you buy an operating system you should choose carefully the language of the user interface as it will not be possible to change this language later (except the Ultimate version which is multilingual). We offer English, Latvian and Russian interface languages of the operating system.

Entrepreneurs are entitled to use all the operating systems offered by legally, including Windows Home Premium. It has to be taken into account that the connection to Microsoft domain servers is possible only with Windows Pro and Ultimate versions.

Windows Ultimate offers additional BitLocker data encoding application and a possibilities to switch over between the user's interface languages without changing the license.

Currently the most popular monitor size is 23" across the diagonal with LED lighting and the response time not exceeding 5ms. Besides, it is important to pay attention to the resolution of the monitor. The current preference of a home user is FullHD, or 1920 x 1080px resolution which ensures the watching of widescreen films and enjoying games without the black sides.

For those preferring 3D games we recommend to pay attention to the panel response time. The lower this index the better. 2ms is considered the best index.

Those working with photo and graphics tasks as amateurs or professionals should pay attention to the matrix type. We recommend VA and IPS type matrix due to higher colour compliance indices.

We recommend to select a monitor with DVI or HDMI connection ports that use the digital transmission principle ensuring stable image quality.

In selecting the keyboard the intended application should be taken into account. If you like games the keyboard with a cable connection will be the best choice as it ensures fast response time and stability. If you wish to have as few cables as possible on your desk you should choose the wireless keyboard.

When you buy a wireless keyboard you have to accept quite regular replacement of batteries. New batteries are included with all the wireless keyboards sold by .

We offer also sets - a keyboard with a mouse. In most cases such a set is cheaper than a keyboard and a mouse bought separately, they are also compatible based upon esthetic and functional principles.

More expensive keyboards can offer also additional functions of which we think that the lighting of keys to make the work with a computer easier in dark is most useful.

Besides the keyboards of standard size and form also the keyboards of portable computer type are available - they have lower set keys and sometimes do not have the separate number pad. This type of keyboards are more esthetic and require less space, however, for some users they can make typing more difficult.

For users who have to type a lot we offer to buy a keyboard of a curved form that will feel better for palms ensuring the correct position of the palm. Also keyboards with mechanical keys are available and these provide a higher accuracy for fast typing users, however, this keyboard is much more expensive than standard models and it is also more noisy in operation. 

Mice are divided based upon the sensor type and connection. Laser mice are more accurate than optic mice and can operate on various surfaces. Mice with a cable connection respond more accurately and faster than wireless mice.

Gaming mice have been constructed for enjoying games and ensure the optimum combination of the accuracy and convenience for long-term operation of the computer.

When you buy a wireless keyboard you have to accept quite regular replacement of batteries. New batteries are included with all the wireless keyboards sold by . More expensive models have a battery pack and a charger.

If you like games you cannot do without a good quality mouse pad. It will not only protect the desk surface against scratches caused by rapid hand movement in playing games, but also secure the accuracy and saves the mouse structure from wear.
Microsoft Office
MS Office licence dod tiesības legāli lietot Office programmatūru (Word, Excel, PowerPoint u.c.) uz iegādātā datora.

Office 2010 Home & Student may be used only by home users and school students and this package includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote applications.

Office Home & Business may be used both at home and in businesses and it includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and OneNote

Office Professional includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and OneNote Access and Publisher applications and it is intended for both business and home users.

The purchased license is in the PKC (product key card) form which is a simple serial number. It is possible to download the software installation package from the Microsoft website and activated by using this number after the installation.

We would like to remind you that if you buy the license from us together with a new computer we will perform the required installation work for you free of charge, thus you will receive the computer ready for work with all the purchased software.

Nowadays you cannot do without the antivirus software, therefore recommends to buy any of the popular data protection systems, like Kaspersky, Norton, Panda or NOD32. The installation of this software will be free of charge.

The license of antivirus software are terminated for a certain time period which is usually 1 year. After the expire of this term the antivirus software will continue running, however, the access to updates is no longer available. The software will notify on the approach of the license term in due time and will offer to buy updates.

Besides the antivirus software also the Internet Security software sets are available and they include additional protection functions, for example, the firewall, malware protection and browser protection). You should look for these sets under the section "akternatives" under the preferred antivirus software developer.

recommends Kaspersky Lab software.

The uninterrupted power supply source (UPS) actually is a battery pack capable of securing the operation of the computer for a couple of minutes in case of the power supply cut. Besides this function, the UPS secures also the protection of the monitor against voltage fluctuations and lightening strokes in the power supply.

For ensuring the power supply of an average computer for 5 minutes after a power cut it is sufficient to have ~600VA UPS.

All the computers offered by our company have the integrated sound card providing for the connection of speakers. For those who want to enjoy music we recommend the speakers of Microlab Solo series 2.0 and those who want to enjoy films the preferred speakers would be Logitech Z series 2.1 or 5.1.

Iegādājoties 5.1 skaļruņu sistēmu pārliecinieties, vai izvēlētā datora pamatplate nodrošina 5.1 atbalstu. Ņemiet vērā, ka skaļruņus nāksies izvietot ap klausītāju, tostarp aiz muguras, kas ne vienmēr ir iespējams. Turklāt 5.1 skaņu atbalsta DVD un BluRay filmas, kā arī spēles. Mp3 mūzika un YouTube lielākoties nodrošina tikai 2.0 skaņu (2.1 ir papildus basa skaļrunis, kas spēj atskaņot 2.0 skaņu)


Wireless adapter
This device ensures the connection of the computer to the Internet via the wireless router or the access point.
If a computer is located closely nearby a router a standard network cable (LAN) is a better solution as it provides higher stability and high-speed operation.
Wireless Router
You should buy the wireless router if you have a computer and want to use one Internet connection for all the computers. Also most of smartphones support the wifi connection and can connect via this device.

Any wireless router is equipped with at least 4 cable ports (LAN). It is advisable to connect desktop computers via this type of connection with a standard (LAN) cable which is included with all the routers offered by .

If you wish a desktop computer to be connected via a wireless connection you have to select an additional wireless network card. (see the selection above)

Dateks Intel Celeron Gen10 Home & Business, Celeron G5905, 8GB (1x8) DDR4, 240GB SATA, bez OS
  • Deepcool MATREXX 55 MESH, Black, Tempered Glass
  • 3 DeepCool RF120 RGB fans
  • Cooler Master MWE White V2, 400W, 80PLUS
  • Gigabyte H410M H V3
  • Intel Celeron G5905 (2C/2T, 3.50 GHz, 4MB Cache, LGA1200, 58W)
  • ADATA XPG Gammix D10 Black, 8GB, DDR4, 3200MHz, CL16, Single Stick
  • Intenso High, 240GB, 7mm
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