Western Digital 2TB, 5400rpm, 128MB, SataIII, Red Plus, CMR

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ID: 669037 Product code: WD20EFZX
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Warranty: 2 years (Warranty for business entities 1 year)
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  • Capacity: 2 TB
  • Data Interface: SATA III
  • Spindle rotation speed: 5400 rpm
  • Data buffer: 128 MB
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Spindle rotation speed 5400 rpm 5400 rpm 7200 rpm Nav informācijas 7200 rpm
Data buffer 128 MB 256 MB 256 MB 256 MB 256 MB
All parameters
Capacity 2 TB
The HDD capacity in Gigabytes indicates how much information can be stored by the HDD. The capacity of the HDD is fixed and cannot be increased after buying the HDD. Therefore, upon buying the HDD you should verify its compliance with your current volume requirements and provides a reserve for future needs.
Use : NAS
Data Interface SATA III
The connection of the HDD to the computer. The current industry standard is SATA connection. IDE connection is available with older computers. Prior to buying the HDD you should verify whether the motherboard has a free connection slot and the support for the chosen disc capacity.
Spindle rotation speed 5400 rpm
The HDD rotations. The HDDs of most desktop computers have 7200rpm and this has already become the industry standard. If you want to achieve a higher speed you should buy the HDD of 10000rpm. The operation noise, temperature and power consumption of 10000rpm HDDs are much higher than these of the 7200rpm HDDs parameters, therefore, prior to buying a 10000rpm HDD you should verify the compliance of the enclosure, power supply unit and the cooling with the technical requirements of this HDD.
Data buffer 128 MB
Data buffer is a high-speed memory built-in the HDD and allowing the disc to receive data at a smooth speed irrespective of the level of loading the physical memory of the disc at the particular time. If you work with a high number of small volume files (documents, photos, etc.) we recommend to buy an HDD with 8Mb or higher data buffer.
More detailed specification
Category_1 - Hard Drives and Pendrives
Category_2 - Internal Hard Drives - SATA - 3.5 inch
EAN_code - 0718037884370
Manufacturer - Western Digital
Manufacturer_code - WD20EFZX
Name - Western Digital 2TB WD20EFZX Red Plus SA3
Weight - 0,55
108.22 €
Western Digital 2TB, 5400rpm, 128MB, SataIII, Red Plus, CMR
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