Acme SC101 Smart Scale, Black

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ID: 186519 Код товара: SC101
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Гарантия: 2 года
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  • Цвет: Черный / Hержавеющая сталь
  • Mаксимальный вес: 150 kg
  • Tип: Электронный
  • Tочность: 100 g
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Automātiska ieslēgšanās uzkāpjot Ir Ir Ir Ir Nav informācijas
Mаксимальный вес 150 kg 150 kg 180 kg 150 kg 150 kg
Tип Электронный Электронный Электронный Электронный Электронный
Tочность 100 g 50 g 100 g 50 g Nav informācijas
Автоматическое отключение Ir Ir Ir Ir Nav informācijas
Батареи в комплекте Ir Nav Ir Nav Nav informācijas
материал поверхности Cтекло Пластмасса Cтекло Cтекло Cтекло
Тип батареи AAA AAA AAA AAA Nav informācijas
Функция памяти Ir Ir Ir Ir Nav informācijas
Цвет Черный / Hержавеющая сталь Белый Белый Белый Белый
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Автоматическое отключение : Ir
Батареи в комплекте : Ir
Дисплей : LED
материал поверхности : Cтекло
Тип батареи : AAA
Функция памяти : Ir
Цвет : Черный / Hержавеющая сталь
Automātiska ieslēgšanās uzkāpjot : Ir
Mаксимальный вес : 150 kg
Tип : Электронный
Tочность : 100 g
Дополнительная спецификация
Дополнительная информация на странице производителя Acme SC101 Smart Scale, Black
Accessories included - 3 x Batteries AAA
Anti-skid base - yes
Application - Feelfit
Category - Root/Home/Sports equipment/Bathroom scales
Code - SC101
Color - Black
Color - Silver
Colour > Colour of product - Black
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Dane techniczne: Gwarancja - 2 lata w serwisie sprzedawcy
Dane techniczne: Gwarancja - {{::$ctrl.productData.warranty}}
Dane techniczne: Producent - ACME
Dane techniczne: Producent - {{::$}}
Description - Bathroom scale SC101
Have you ever been bumped because you thought hard work getting fit and taking care of nutrition did not pay off after seeing the number of kilos on the scales remaining the same? You should not have because it is not only kilograms that matter! With ACME SC101 Bluetooth smart scales you can measure not only your weight. You can track changes of your body fat. In addition to that, you can check your BMI and see where you stand according to your age and gender with your weight. Another great function BMR measurement which tells you how many calories you need to perform daily basic functions, like breathing or digesting. All these statistics go to your phone once you sync it with the scales so you can easily track the trends and see changing results in the special app. Finally, scales are easy to set up and may be used by multiple users, feature slim yet sturdy design. Body fat measurement
Shows the percentage of body fat Body mass index (BMI)
According to your given height and measured weight determines if you are at a healthy weight for your age and gender Basal metabolic rate (BMR)
Displays a number of calories your body needs to perform most basic functions, like breathing, digesting, cell production, etc. Easy setup
Thanks to Bluetooth connection, it is very easy to pair scales with your phone and see results in the specialized app Specialized app to see trends
Once scales syncs with your phone, all statistics are converted to easy-to-read graphs in the app that help to track trends and see if your efforts are paying off in the long run Multiple users
Different people can use scales at the same time and get their personal results to their phones Minimalistic design
Scales do not feature any unnecessary details and come in a black colour to easily match your home interior as well as they are very slim for easy transportation
dimension depth - 40 mm
dimension height - 320 mm
dimension weight - 2271 g
dimension width - 320 mm
Dimensions - 260 x 260 x 25 mm
Display > Display - LED for weight
display dimensions - 30 x 50 mm
dodatkowe informacje - łączność Bluetooth
dokładność pomiaru - 100 g
ean - 4770070880098
EAN - 4770070880098
Eans - 4770070880098
funkcje - automatyczny pomiar po wejściu na wagę
funkcje - obliczanie współczynnika BMI
funkcje - pomiar tkanki tłuszczowej
funkcje - zapotrzebowane na kalorie BMR
Gross weight - 1.44 kg
guarantee - 24
guarantee_type - external
inne - wyświetlacz LED
jednostki pomiarowe - Kg
jednostki pomiarowe - lb
jednostki pomiarowe - st
kolor - czarny
Load (max) - 150 kg
maksymalne obciążenie - 150 kg
Material > Top surface type - Toughened glass
materiał platformy - szkło
Measurement - BMI value
Measurement - Body fat
Measurement - Body weight
Measurement - Calorie calculator
Measurement memory - 999
Measuring accuracy - 1 g
Name - Acme SC101 inteligentna waga czarna
Name - Acme Smart scales SC101 Memory function, Body fat analysis, Electronic scale, Auto power off, Multiple users, Maximum weight (capacity) 150 kg, Body Mass Index (BMI) measuring
name - Bathroom scale SC101 black
No. of users - 100
odczyt pomiaru - wyświetlacz elektroniczny
Other features - Surface covered with toughened glass Multilanguage app for Android and iOS for following trends Connection with app via Bluetooth.
Package features > Classification of battery - CL126:NE:2016-12-09
Package features > Composition of battery - CL127:KT:2016-12-09
Package features > Embeeded battery - Yes
Package features > Gross depth (mm) - 42.00 mm
Package features > Gross depth master carton - 540.00 mm
Package features > Gross height (mm) - 307.00 mm
Package features > Gross height master carton - 325.00 mm
Package features > Gross width (mm) - 307.00 mm
Package features > Gross width master carton - 323.00 mm
Package features > Net weight master carton - 12.48 kg
Package features > Packing quantity - 12.00 pc(s)
Package features > Palette Qty - 192.00 pc(s)
Package features > Paper/Pasteboard - 388.00 g
Package features > Plastic (No PET) - 10.00 g
Package features > Tare weight (kg) - 0.40 kg
Package features > Tare weight master carton - 5.86 kg
Package features > TI weight (kg) - 0.03 kg
Package features > Type of battery - Battery
Package features > Volume (m3) - 0.00 m³
Package features > WEE classification - CL109:5:2017-04-01
Package features > WEEE tax - Yes
Packaging content > Batteries included - Yes
pomiaru - tak
Power - Batteries / rechargeable AAA
Power > Battery type - AAA
Power > Number of batteries supported - 3
Producer - ACME
producer - ACME Europe
Producer product family - Smart scales
Producer product name - SC101
ProducerCode - 4770070880098
rodzaj wagi - elektroniczna
ShortDescription -
Special functions -
Technical details > Accuracy - 100 g
Technical details > Auto power off - Yes
Technical details > Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) measuring - Yes
Technical details > Body fat analysis - Yes
Technical details > Body fat measurement - BIA technology
Technical details > Body Mass Index (BMI) measuring - Yes
Technical details > Body water percentage - No
Technical details > Bone mass analysis - No
Technical details > Connections - Bluetooth v4.0
Technical details > Maximum weight (capacity) - 150 kg
Technical details > Memory function - Yes
Technical details > Multiple users - Yes
Technical details > Muscle ratio/density analysis - No
Technical details > Net weight - 1.04 kg
Technical details > Type - Electronic scale
Technical details > Unit of measure - kg; lb; st
Technical details > Warranty - 24 month(s)
typ wagi - łazienkowa
Units - kg
vendpn - 507672
Video -
waga - 1.44 kg
Warranty - 24
Weight & dimensions > Height - 2.5 cm
Weight & dimensions > Length - 26 cm
Weight & dimensions > Width - 26 cm
współpraca z aplikacją - Android
współpraca z aplikacją - iOS
wymiary - 260 x 260 x 25 cm
zasilanie - 3 x AAA
zastosowane technologie - BIA - podwójna częstotliwość
załączone wyposażenie - baterie
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33,62 €
Acme SC101 Smart Scale, Black
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