Apple iPod Touch 128GB, Space Gray

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ID: 272052 Код товара: MKWU2RP/A
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Гарантия: 2 года (Гарантия для юридических лиц 1 год)
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  • Обьем памяти: 128 GB
  • FM радио: Nav
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FM радио Nav Nav Nav Nav Nav
Обьем памяти 128 GB 32 GB 32 GB 32 GB 32 GB
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Обьем памяти 128 GB
Встроенный в Mp3 плэйер объём flash  памяти для хранения и переноса музыки. Mp3 песня высокого качества занимает примерно 10Mb, поэтому в 1Gb вмещается около 100 песен Mp3. Вибирайте необходимый для ваших потребностей объём Mp3 плэйера.
FM радио Nav
Радио FM приёмник определяет, встоен ли в Mp3 плэйер дигитальный радио FM.
Радио FM невозможно проложить как дополнительную возможность после приобретения плэйера, поэтому перед этим убедитесь, пожалуйста, в том, что он соответствует вашим требованиям.
Дополнительная спецификация
Accessories included - iPod touch Apple EarPods in-ear headphones USB Lightning cable Quick guide
Additional functions - Camera
Additional functions - Display
Additional functions - Video player
Audio formats - AAC
Audio formats - Apple Lossless
Audio formats - Audible
Audio formats - Dolby Digital
Audio formats - Dolby Digital Plus
Audio formats - FLAC
Audio formats - LPCM
Audio formats - MP3
Battery life - 40 h
Cell type - Li-ion
Color - Gold
Connectors - 3,5 mm minijack
Connectors - Lightning
Description - iPod touch 128 GB
Music follows you.
Do you love music? On the iPod touch, it never got that much, because it has a capacity that now reaches 128 GB. Load it to the brim with beloved songs from the iTunes Store. Or, with an Apple Music subscription, play a stream of 50 million songs and download your favorites.
The game is gaining power.
iPod touch has an A10 Fusion chip with which games reach a whole new level. The game is smoother. You can see more details. Everything is so realistic that you forget that you are playing.
A10 Fusion chip.
With the A10 Fusion chip, the new iPod touch is twice as efficient, its graphics are three times better and the battery performance is excellent. Thanks to it, games and applications move into augmented reality. And everything gets faster and smoother.
4-inch Retina display.
Your messages, photos, videos, everything you want to see on the beautiful iPod touch screen is clear and colorful. How alive. It's amazing in a device that is only 6.1mm thick, weighs only 88 grams and fits in every pocket.
Apple Arcade.
Apple Arcade is a gaming platform with more than a hundred new, groundbreaking games. You play online or offline, with no ads or in-app purchases. It's like a private gaming salon. Handy. The premiere in autumn.
The fun does not fit in my head. Not on the screen.
You can finally discover the amazing effects of augmented reality on iPod touch. And beyond. If you want, play a battle of robots on your desk with your friends. Experience the invasion of virtual monsters in the surrounding park. Or observe the space, holding it in your hand.
iOS 12 is the most advanced mobile operating system in the world.
iOS makes the iPod touch even more and even more so. You have access to millions of apps and games from the App Store. Creative, emotional means of expression for contacts with friends. And advanced technologies that protect your privacy all the time.
You can send messages via WiFi for free to users of iPod touch, iPhones, iPads and Macs. And to make them more expressive, you have at your disposal text animations, stickers and other amazing effects. You can also share location data and links. Give a group name to the chat. And at any time, leave or silence the conversation.
FaceTime in a group.
FaceTime now allows you to have audio or video calls with up to 32 people. The thumbnail of the person who starts speaking automatically increases, so you will never get lost in a conversation. And you can initiate any such meeting from the group thread in Messages.
Time before the screen.
No wonder that sometimes you lose control over how often you reach for the hands of the end, with their help you do a lot of amazing things. With the function Time in front of the screen you have a better idea of how much time you or your children spend in the hands or the internet and how long you use your devices in total.
App Store
All your passions, whether it be playing, learning or creating, can completely change or improve some kind of app. And if you're looking for one, start with the App Store. This is where you'll find the apps that you know and love with what you know and love.
Diagonal screen - 4''
dimension depth - 32 mm
dimension height - 135 mm
dimension weight - 220 g
dimension width - 72 mm
Dimensions - 123,4 x 58,6 x 6,1 mm
ean - 190199137400
guarantee - 12
guarantee_type - external
Internal memory - 128 GB
name - iPod touch 128GB space gray
Operating System - iOS 12
Other features - The camera: 8 MP camera Autofocus Aperture light / 2.4 Five-element lens Hybrid IR filter BSI matrix Automatic image stabilization HDR mode for photos Exposure control Panorama (up to 43 MP) Burst mode Focus by tapping Add geotags to photos (in WiFi networks) Self-timer mode Saved image formats: HEIF and JPEG Video recording: Recording in HD 1080p (30fps) Focusing with a tap while recording Slow motion video (120 fps) Time-lapse video Film stabilization of the video image 3x zoom Add geotags to video (in WiFi networks) Recorded video formats: HEVC and H.264 FaceTime HD camera: Photos with a resolution of 1.2 MP Aperture light / 2.2 HD 720p video recording BSI matrix Auto HDR mode for video Burst mode Exposure control Self-timer mode Sensors: Three-axis gyroscope Accelerometer
producer - Apple
Resolution - 1136 x 640
System Requirements - Apple ID (required to support some functions) Internet access Software required to sync with iTunes on Mac and PC: Mac: OS X 10.11.4 or newer version PC: Windows 7 or newer version iTunes 12.8.2 or a later version on a Mac and iTunes 12.9.5 or a later version on a PC7 (free download from
vendpn - MVJ62RP/A
Video formats - H.264/AVC
Video formats - M-JPEG
Video formats - MPEG-4
Weight - 88 g
Wireless communication - Bluetooth
Wireless communication - WiFi
Apple iPod Touch 128GB, Space Gray
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