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ID: 353714 Product code: 112133
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Warranty: 2 years (Warranty for business entities 1 year)
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Main product parameters All parameters
  • Max. print size: No info
  • Native resolution: N/A
  • Print speed (monochrome): Nav norādīts
  • Type: Sublimācija
  • Cartridges: Nav norādīts
Basic information
Max. print size No info

The size of paper that can be placed in the printer feeder and printed in the particular printer. If this index of the printer is, for example, A4 it means that this particular printer can print for sure also smaller size paper, for example, A5. This possibility has certain restrictions that can be found in the detailed specification of the printing size and type of paper supported.

Native resolution N/A

The resolution of the printer determines the number of dots that the printer printing head can print horizontally and vertically. By applying various additional methods a printer can print a higher resolution result. This parameter indicates the natural resolution of the printer without using compression. A higher resolution means a higher image quality and detail.

Print speed (monochrome) Nav norādīts

The average index of the number of black and white pages with 5% average coverage that can be printed by this printer per minute.

Type Sublimācija

The type of printing is the main criterion for selecting the princter because it determines the printer application.

Ink - this technology will be suitable for the users who want to print colour photos at high quality. The costs per print-out are quite high, also ink cartridges dry out when the printer is on stand-by for a long time.

Black and white laser - the best type of printing from the economic point of view, produces good quality print-outs of black and white documents at the lowest cost per print-out. The best buy for the home and office needs. Printers of more expensive models have considerably bigger toner cartridges which will certainly pay back if more than ten pages per day are printed.

Colour laser - this technology allows to print black and white laser print-outs at the same costs per page as with the black and white laser printer and to produce colour print-outs at comparatively low costs per print-out.

The quality of the colour printing by this technology is much lower than with the ink printing, therefore this device is worth buying only if tens of colour graphics, models, product samples photos and colour logos have to be printed every day. This technology currently is not suitable for printing photos.

The size of paper that can be placed in the printer feeder and printed in the particular printer. If this index of the printer is, for example, A4 it means that this particular printer can print for sure also smaller size paper, for example, A5. This possibility has certain restrictions that can be found in the detailed specification of the printing size and type of paper supported.

ADF (automatic document feeder) Nav

ADF means automatic document feeding. This is implemented by means of a special scanner cover where it is possible to place several pages at once, for example, a pack of copied or scanned documents.

Auto Duplex function Nav

Double-sided printing that is quite often implemented as a semi-automated function which means that the printer prints one side of the page and then the user has to put all the pack of print-outs in the feeder manually.

There can also be Duplex printers that are able to turn the page during the printing process. Prior to buying the printer you should read the detailed specification about how the Duplex function is implemented.

Cartridges Nav norādīts

The number of toners or cartridges that the particular printer has. In case of ink printing a higher number of cartridges means better printing quality and more economical replacement of cartridges.

Copier Nav

An option to place a printed document in the feeder and copy it.

Fax Nav

A possibility to connect the device to the phone line and phone for sending and receiving fax messages.

Scanner Nav

A possibility to place a printed paper in the feeder and to receive a scanned document in the computer as a file.

Ports and equipment
LAN interface Nav

A very useful function if the printer is used from various computers connected in a network. If there is LAN connection it is possible to place the printer at any place where the network and power connection is available and to produce print-outs from any computer without the necessity to connect the printer to any particular computer and to maintain this computer switched on.

LPT interface Nav

This is an obsolete standard and required only in few cases when a company uses DOS software that cannot print from any other ports except LPT. This type of connection is very slow, therefore in most cases a printer with LPT has also the much faster USB or LAN connection.

USB 2.0 interface Nav

The most stable, convenient and fastest connection of the printer if the printer is located close to the computer and is used for printing from one computer. The USB connection slot is available with almost all portable computers and desktop computers.

Wireless connections
Bluetooth Ir

A possibility to connect this printer to the computer via the Bluetooth wireless connection. Usually this type of connection is available for portable computers of average or expensive category. Desktop computers usually do not have the Bluetooth, therefore it will be necessary to buy a low priced USB Bluetooth transmitter for being able to use this functionality.

WiFi Nav

An excellent way of connecting a computer within a wireless network if you use exclusively wireless network connection at home or at office or if the printer is placed at a location where it is not possible to connect a LAN cable.

More detailed specification
Atbalstītais papīrs - Papīra tipi - Polaroid 600 photo paper
Atbalstītais papīrs - Papīra tipi - Polaroid i-Type photo paper
Atbalstītais papīrs - Piemērots fotomateriāls - Polaroid 600
Atbalstītais papīrs - Piemērots fotomateriāls - Polaroid i-Type
barcode - 9120066089601
brand - Polaroid
Category - Root/Electronics/PC peripherals/Printers, 3D printers and plotters/Inkjet printer
category_en - Printers & accessories
category_et - Printerid ja tarvikud
category_lv - Printeri un piederumi
category_ru - Принтеры и принадлежности
Connectivity - Applications support - Polaroid Originals
description_en - Polaroid Lab Photo Printer turns your favorite digital photos into real Polaroid photos. Relive these unforgettable moments and fill your home with memories. The printer uses Polaroid i-Type and Polaroid 600 photo paper. Not an ordinary photo printer
Polaroid Lab works as a desktop darkroom, exposing digital photos from your phone to Polaroid film. The result is original Polaroid photos with beautiful analog aesthetics. Don't lose another moment
A few moments deserve more than pleasure. Bring those moments to life with the charms of Polaroid film chemistry. Turn your Facebook albums into photo albums that you can touch and surround yourself with moments you never want to forget. With Polaroid Originals, you can turn your favorite moments into a collage of up to 9 frames. The smart app is available for Android (5.0) and iOS (11.0) and newer operating systems. Experience the moments over and over again
Feel the adrenaline again with augmented reality. Embed a video on your Polaroid photo and see how it comes to life with the Polaroid Originals mobile app.
description_et - Polaroid Lab fotoprinter muudab Sinu lemmik digifotod tõelisteks Polaroid fotodeks. Koge uuesti neid unustamatuid hetki ning täida oma kodu mälestustega. Printer kasutab Polaroid i-Type ja Polaroid 600 fotopaberit. Mitte tavaline fotoprinter
Polaroid Lab töötab nagu töölaua pimeruum, eksponeerides telefonist pärinevat digitaalfotod Polaroid kilele. Tulemuseks on originaalsed Polaroid fotod, millel on kaunis analoogne esteetika. Ära kaota enam hetkegi
Mõni hetk väärib rohkem kui meeldimist. Elusta need hetked Polaroid filmikeemia võludega. Muuda oma Facebooki albumid fotoalbumiteks, mida saad puudutada ning ümbritse ennast hetkedega, mida Sa ei taha kunagi unustada. Rakenduse Polaroid Originals abiga saad muuta oma lemmikhetked kuni 9 kaadriga kollaažiks. Nutirakendus on saadaval Android (5.0) ja iOS (11.0) ning uuematele operatsioonisüsteemidele. Koge hetki uuesti ja uuesti
Tunneta adrenaliini uuesti koos liitreaalsusega. Manusta oma Polaroidi fotole video ja vaata, kuidas see Polaroid Originals mobiilirakendusega ellu ärkab.
description_lv -
description_ru -
description_short_en - A practical photo printer Print and design photos directly from your smart device Works on darkroom tenology 107 × 88 mm photos Connects wirelessly to a smart device
description_short_et - Praktiline fotoprinter Prindi ja kujunda fotod otse nutiseadmest Töötab pimeruumi tehnoloogial 107 × 88 mm fotod Ühendub juhtmevabalt nutiseadmega
description_short_lv -
description_short_ru - Практичный фотопринтерПечатайте и оформляйте фотографии непосредственно из смарт-устройстваРаботает на технолигии темной комнатыФото 107 × 88 ммСоединяется со смарт-устройством без проводов
Design - Color - White
Disain - Värvus - Valge
Dizains - Krāsa - Balta
Eans - 9120066089601
feature_group_en - Printers
feature_group_et - Printerid
feature_group_lv - Printeri
feature_group_ru - Принтеры
General - Power source - Lithium-polymer battery
General - Type - Smartphone printer
manufacturer_code - 9019
Name - Polaroid Lab
name_en - Polaroid photo printer Lab, white
name_et - Polaroid fotoprinter Lab, valge
name_lv - Polaroid photo printer Lab, white
name_ru - Polaroid фотопринтер Lab, белый
Paper support - Instant film type - Polaroid 600
Paper support - Instant film type - Polaroid i-Type
Paper support - Paper types - Polaroid 600 photo paper
Paper support - Paper types - Polaroid i-Type photo paper
Producer - Polaroid
ProducerCode - 112133
Programmatūra - Piemērotas operētājsistēmas - Android 5.0 vai jaunāka
Programmatūra - Piemērotas operētājsistēmas - iOS 11 vai jaunāka
Savienojamība - Lietotņu atbalsts - Polaroid Originals
ShortDescription -
Software - Suitable operating systems - Android 5.0 or newer
Software - Suitable operating systems - iOS 11 or newer
Tarkvara - Sobivad operatsioonisüsteemid - Android 5.0 või uuem
Tarkvara - Sobivad operatsioonisüsteemid - iOS 11 või uuem
Toetatud paberitüübid - Paberitüübid - Polaroid 600 fotopaber
Toetatud paberitüübid - Paberitüübid - Polaroid i-Type fotopaber
Toetatud paberitüübid - Sobiv pildimaterjal - Polaroid 600
Toetatud paberitüübid - Sobiv pildimaterjal - Polaroid i-Type
Vispārīgi - Barošanas avots - Litija polimēru akumulators
Vispārīgi - Tips - Viedtālruņa printeris
Ühenduvus - Rakenduste tugi - Polaroid Originals
Üldine - Toide - Liitium-polümeer aku
Üldine - Tüüp - Taskuprinter
Дизайн - Цвет - Белый
Общее - Питание - Литий полимерный аккумулятор
Общее - Тип холодильника - Портативный принтер
Поддерживаемая бумага - Подходящий матриал - Polaroid 600
Поддерживаемая бумага - Подходящий матриал - Polaroid i-Type
Поддерживаемая бумага - Типы бумаги - Polaroid 600 фотобумага
Поддерживаемая бумага - Типы бумаги - Polaroid i-Type фотобумага
Программное обеспечение - Совместимые оп-системы - Android 5.0 или новее
Программное обеспечение - Совместимые оп-системы - iOS 11 или новее
Соединение - Поддержка приложений - Polaroid Originals
Polaroid Lab
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