Natec NSP-0836, 5 sockets, 3m, White

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Warranty: 2 years
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More detailed specification
Warranty - Warranty 24 months
Output connector type - EURO
Number of outputs - 5 Pcs
Power cable length - 3 m
Built-in filter for RJ-11 phone line - No
Built-in filter for RJ-45 data line - No
Built-in filter for AV signal - No
Rated voltage - 230 V AC
Current voltage - 10 -
Frequency - 50 Hz
Energy absorbtion - 155 J
Maximal response time - 25 ns
Anti-interference filter (EMI/RFI) - No
Wall-mounting - Yes
Net weight - 0.508 kg
Colour - White
Additional information - two-level safety system
Additional information - 5 grounded AC sockets
Additional information - non-conductive, safe housing
Additional information - easy installation to the ground
Additional information - operation switch with signalization light
Additional information - replaceable fuse
Additional information - Mains switch - Bi-polar, illuminated
Additional information - Protection - Fuse with rapid response time 10A/250V
Natec NSP-0836, 5 sockets, 3m, White
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