Amazon Fire 7 Pro Kids (2021), 7", 16GB, Black

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Main product parameters All parameters
  • Bult-in memory: 16GB
  • Model: Fire 7
  • Screen size: 7"
  • Screen resolution: 1024 x 600
  • Display type: IPS
  • CPU: N/A
  • Onboard OS: Amazon Fire
We offer to buy a Amazon tablet computer Fire 7 with 7" screen and 1.30GHz processor.
  • Thanks to 7" IPS display, information is also visible from a wide angle.
Basic information
Color : Melna
Bult-in memory 16GB

Nosaka, cik daudz vietas ir planšetnieka "Cietajā diskā". Ja iekārtai nav pieejams atmiņas karšu paplašināšanas spraudnis, tad šis ir ļoti būtisks parametrs, kuru noteikti vajadzētu izvēlēties iegādes brīdī ar pietiekamu rezervi, jo bez paplašināšanas iespējām, ar šo apjomu nāksies sadzīvot visu iekārtas lietošanas laiku.

Vidusmēra filma aizņem ap 1GB vietas. Vidusmēra Android vai iOS spēle vai aplikācija aizņem ~100 Mb. Mūzikas un bilžu faili aizņem vidēji ap 5 Mb, jeb 0.05 Gb (par vienu failu).

Weight : 293 g
Display characteristics
Screen size 7"

The screen is the most important component of the tablet computer and its size determines the size of the tablet computer. Usually it is the diameter of the screen plus a couple of centimeters of the "holding part".

For convenient use we recommend approximately 10" tablet computers. 7" screen can be considered small and better suitable for children. If the tablet computer has the screen with the size exceeding 10" it means that the device is quite big and can seem inconvenient for an average user.

Screen resolution 1024 x 600

Indicates the number of dots the screen contains horizontally and vertically. The higher this parameter the better the sharpness of the image and the more pleasant use.

Display type IPS

This index indicates the colour compliance, brightness, viewing angle and other quality criteria. Any AMOLED, PLS and IPS type device can be considered a high quality screen panel.

Processor parameters
CPU cores 4

This is a very important parameter because due to quite high resolution the tablet computer is quite demanding as to the CPU resources. Therefore, if you want to use several applications at once you should consider a possibility of buying a tablet with at least 2 core CPU.


It determines the type of CPU the particular tablet has. Currently several competing models of CPUs are available on the market.

NVIDIA Tegra - the processors of this series have good graphics and processing performance as well as quite good energy efficiency indices. In any case, this is a strong competitor.

SnapDragon - this processor is highly energy efficiency, however, from the point of view of capacity it is more suitable for smartphones.

AMD Fusion - this processor comes from the environment of portable computers, therefore it has excellent performance as regards both graphics and processing, still the architecture of this processor unfortunately is intended only for the use in the Windows, Linux and other desktop computer environments.

Atom - Intel mobile processor with average capacity indices. Similar to AMD Fusion, for the time being it can be used only with the operating systems of desktop computers.

Apple A5 - specialised processor developed by Apple that can be found in iPad tablet computers only. From the capacity point of view - among the leaders.

Random-access memory (RAM)
RAM Memory : 1GB
Graphics card
Graphics card : Nav norādīts
Operating system
Onboard OS Amazon Fire

This is among the most important parameters in choosing the tablet computer.

iOS - the tablet computers manufactured by Apple are equipped with the iOS operating system that is very convenient and high-speed, however, this is a closed system where no special configurations and extensions are possible. However, within the iOS currently most applications (apps) are available. iOS is compatible with Apple cloud services for which a fee is charged in most cases.

Android is a free of charge operating system developed by Google, similar to the iOS, however with all the possibilities to make a lot of changes therein. Besides, the Android offers good compatibility with the Google free cloud services - Gmail, Picasa, Youtube, Maps, Google+, Contacts, Calendar etc. The number of the Andoid users is growing most rapidly, therefore, this is a very perspective operating system.

Windows - the classic Microsoft Windows system that allows to use the convenient .EXE applications in the tablet computer. It has to be admitted that currently they are better suited to desktop computers, therefore you should choose this operating system only in cases when there is a Windows application without which you cannot do.

Other (Bada, MeeGo, WebOS, BrewMP, Symbian) - currently on the market of the mobile operating systems also several exotic operating systems are available besides the above listed, still, you should take into account that the biggest fight over this market share is over, therefore you should take care if you choose an operating system which is not iOS, Windows or Android, because, contrary to the classic computers, in most tablet computers it is not possible to change the operating system after buying the tablet.

Ports and equipment
Savienojums uzlādei : Micro-USB
Wi-Fi Ir

Although no tablet computer with the WiFi function has been seen we have included this parameter just for calming everybody down. Via WiFi the tablet computer can be connected to the Internet router to have the Internet access.

If there is no WiFi router and the Internet connection the sense of buying the tablet computer is quite questionable.

Memory card slot : microSD
WebCam Ir

A built-in camera allowing to take photos, films and to use the video chatting possibilities.

HDMI port Nav

The HDMI connection slot allows to connect the tablet computer with the computer monitor or TV set. Thanks to the newest generation mobile processors many tablet computers can be successfully used for playing FullHD films and enjoying games on the big screen.

Wireless connections
4G : Not
NFC : Not
3G Nav

3G is a possibility to insert a SIM card in the tablet computer and to use the mobile Internet by using LMT, Tele2 or Bite paid connection at any location where this is permitted by the coverage of the data transmission network of the mobile operator.

If the tablet computer is used at locations where the permanent Internet connection and the WiFi router are available the 3G function is not required because the classic cable connection, optical or DSL connection with WiFi are much faster and cheaper solutions than the 3G network.

GPS : Nav
Bluetooth Ir

Bluetooth allows to connect a keyboard, headphones, microphone, printers and other devices supporting this technology without any wires.

battery capacity N/A

This is an approximate indicator of the number of hours the device can operate with a fully charged battery pack, low CPU loading and the minimum screen brightness setting.

Depending on the loading and use possibilities - sound, wifi, 3G, copying of files, Bluetooth, etc., this index can change downwards very rapidly.

More detailed specification
Andmeside - Bluetooth - Bluetooth 4.0
Andmeside - Bluetooth - Jah
Andmeside - Bluetooth protokollid - A2DP
Andmeside - Bluetooth protokollid - LE
Atmiņa - Atmiņas kartes ligzda - microSD
Atmiņa - Iebūvētā atmiņa - 16 GB
barcode - 840080555805
Barošanas avots - Izturība - 7 stundas
Barošanas avots - Uzlāde - Caur microUSB ligzdu
brand - Amazon
Camera - Rear camera - 2 megapixel
Camera - Secondary camera - 2 megapixel
Camera - Video resolution - [HD] 1280 × 720
category_en - Computers
category_et - Arvutid
category_lv - Computers
category_ru - Computers
Citi - Iepakojumā ietilpst - Aizsargājošs futrālis
Citi - Iepakojumā ietilpst - Lādētājs
Citi - Iepakojumā ietilpst - microUSB kabelis
Citi - Iepakojumā ietilpst - Planšetdators
Citi - Krāsa - Melna / sudrabota
Connectivity - Sound - 3.5 mm headphones out
Connectivity - Sound - Built-in speaker
Connectivity - USB - 1 × microUSB 2.0
description_en - A full-featured tablet for kids 6+
Features a quad-core processor, vibrant 7” display, dual cameras, Micro USB port, up to 512 GB of expandable storage. Parents can rest easy
All Fire Kids Pro tablets come with a 2-year worry-free guarantee and a slim Kid-Friendly Case. They'll find their faves
Amazon Kids+ is an all-in-one subscription packed with fun and educational content from National Geographic, Rabbids Coding, LEGO, and more. So much to explore
Hand-curated and age-appropriate, it includes more than 20,000 books, Audible books, movies, TV shows, songs, apps, and games, including more than 9,000 titles for kids age 6 and up, with thousands of titles in Spanish. Add more to the mix
Kids can request more content from the digital store, like Netflix, Toca Life, or Zoom. Parents can approve the purchases and downloads, as well as give access to more content. Kids can browse independently, but with guardrails
The web browser is designed with built-in controls to help filter out inappropriate sites and let you block specific ones. Kids can also request content from the digital store while parents approve purchases and downloads. Parents are always in control
Access easy-to-use controls in the Parent Dashboard via the Amazon Kids+ app or website to set limits and goals, view usage history, and enable the digital store, web browser, and calling. Kids don’t have access to Alexa in Amazon Kids, and parents can exit Amazon Kids anytime using a passcode. Ready for real life
We designed the slim Kid-Friendly Case to protect against drops and bumps, and gave it an adjustable stand so kids can go hands-free. NB! Amazon Kids+ subscription is currently not available in Estonia.
description_et - Funktsionaalne tahvelarvuti lastele
Amazon Fire 7 16GB Kids Pro 2021 on loodud 6–12-aastastele lastele. See on varustatud neljatuumalise protsessori, kauni 7-tollise ekraani, kahe kaamera ja microUSB pesaga. Palju avastamist
Amazon Fire 7 pakub palju avastamist lastele sobilike e-raamatute, audioraamatute, filmide, seriaalide, laulude, rakenduste ja mängude näol. Kontroll on alati lapsevanema käes
Saad mugavalt ja lihtsalt piirata ekraaniaega, seada õppe-eesmärke ja hallata veebilehitsejas nähtavat sisu. Amazon Kids tahvelarvutis ei ole lastel ligipääsu Alexale. Lisaks vajavad rakendusesisesed ostud lapsevanema nõusolekut. Valmis päriseluks
Amazon Kids tahvelarvuti ümbris kaitseb seadet kukkumiste ja põrutuste eest. Lisaks on kaitseümbrisel mugavalt reguleeritav tugijalg, et laps saaks seda käed-vabalt kasutada. NB! Amazon Kids+ teenus ei ole hetkel Eestis saadaval.
description_lv -
description_ru -
description_short_en - 7" 1024 × 600 IPS display Amazon Fire OS Quad-core 1.3 GHz processor 16 GB internal storage, 1 GB RAM WiFi & Bluetooth connections
description_short_et - 7" 1024 × 600 IPS ekraan Amazon Fire operatsioonisüsteem 16 GB sisemälu, 1 GB vahemälu WiFi & Bluetooth ühendus Lapsesõbralikud rakendused ja veebilehitseja
description_short_lv -
description_short_ru - Экран 8" 1280 × 800 IPS Операционная система Amazon Fire Четырехъядерный процессор 2 GHz 32 GB внутренняя память, 2 GB кэш Соединение WiFi & Bluetooth
Display - Display size - 7.0"
Display - Display type - IPS
Display - DPI - 171 ppi
Display - Screen resolution - 1024 × 600
Display - Touch screen - Yes
Displejs - Ekrāna izmērs - 7,0"
Displejs - Ekrāna izšķirtspēja - 1024 × 600
Displejs - Ekrāna tips - IPS
Displejs - Punktu skaits uz collu (DPI) - 171 ppi
Displejs - Skārienekrāns - Jā
Ekraan - Ekraani diagonaal - 7,0"
Ekraan - Ekraani lahutusvõime - 1024 × 600
Ekraan - Ekraani tüüp - IPS
Ekraan - Punktitihedus - 171 ppi
Ekraan - Puutetundlik - Jah
feature_group_en - Tablets
feature_group_et - Tahvelarvutid
feature_group_lv - Planšetdatori
feature_group_ru - Планшеты
Kaamera - Eesmine kaamera - 2-megapiksline
Kaamera - Tagakaamera - 2-megapiksline
Kaamera - Video lahutusvõime - [HD] 1280 × 720
Kamera - Aizmugures kamera - 2 megapikseļu
Kamera - Sekundārā kamera - 2 megapikseļi
Kamera - Video izšķirtspēja - [HD] 1280 × 720
manufacturer_code - B08H3WYMNZ
Muu - Komplekti sisu - Kaitseümbris
Muu - Komplekti sisu - Laadija
Muu - Komplekti sisu - microUSB kaabel
Muu - Komplekti sisu - Tahvelarvuti
Muu - Värvus - Must
name_en - Amazon Fire 7 16GB Kids Pro (2021), black
name_et - Amazon Fire 7 16GB Kids Pro (2021), must
name_lv - Amazon Fire 7 16GB Kids Pro (2021), black
name_ru - Amazon Fire 7 16GB Kids Pro (2021), черный
Networks - Bluetooth - Bluetooth 4.0
Networks - Bluetooth - Yes
Networks - Bluetooth protocols - A2DP
Networks - Bluetooth protocols - LE
Operatiivmälu - Operatiivmälu maht - 1 GB
Operatīvā atmiņa (RAM) - RAM kapacitāte - 1 GB
Other - Color - Black
Other - Package contents - Charger
Other - Package contents - microUSB cable
Other - Package contents - Protective case
Other - Package contents - Tablet
Power source - Battery life - 7 hours
Power source - Charging - microUSB
Procesors - Centrālā procesora ātrums - 1300 MHz
Procesors - Kodolu skaits - 4
Processor - CPU speed - 1300 MHz
Processor - Number of cores - 4
Programmatūra - Operētājsistēma - Amazon Fire
Protsessor - Taktsagedus - 1300 MHz
Protsessor - Tuumade arv - 4
RAM - RAM capacity - 1 GB
Savienojamība - Skaņa - 3,5 mm austiņu izeja
Savienojamība - Skaņa - Skaļrunis
Savienojamība - USB - 1 × microUSB 2.0
Sensori - Akselerometrs - Jā
Sensorid - Kiirendusmõõtja - Jah
Sensors - Accelerometer - Yes
Sisemälu - Mälukaardipesa - microSD
Sisemälu - Sisemälu - 16 GB
Software - Operating system - Amazon Fire
Storage - Integrated memory - 16 GB
Storage - Memory card slot - microSD
Tarkvara - Operatsioonisüsteem - Amazon Fire
Tīkli - Bluetooth - Bluetooth 4.0
Tīkli - Bluetooth - Jā
Tīkli - Bluetooth protokoli - A2DP
Tīkli - Bluetooth protokoli - LE
Vooluallikas - Aku vastupidavus - 7 tundi
Vooluallikas - Laadimine - microUSB pesa kaudu
Ühendused - Heli - 3,5 mm kõrvaklapi väljund
Ühendused - Heli - Integreeritud kõlar
Ühendused - USB - 1 × microUSB 2.0
Внутренняя память - Встроенная память - 16 ГБ
Внутренняя память - Гнездо для карты памяти - microSD
Другое - Комплектация - Зарядка
Другое - Комплектация - Защитный чехол
Другое - Комплектация - Кабель microUSB
Другое - Комплектация - Планшет
Другое - Цвет - Черный
Источник питания - Выносливость - 7 часов
Источник питания - Зарядка - Через гнездо microUSB
Камера - Задняя камера - 2 мегапикселя
Камера - Передняя камера - 2 мегапикселя
Камера - Разрешение видео - [HD] 1280 × 720
Оперативная память (RAM) - Объём оперативной памяти - 1 ГБ
Передача данных - Bluetooth - Bluetooth 4.0
Передача данных - Bluetooth - Да
Передача данных - Bluetooth протоколы - A2DP
Передача данных - Bluetooth протоколы - LE
Программное обеспечение - Операционная система - Amazon Fire
Процессор - Количество ядер - 4
Процессор - Частота - 1300 МГц
Сенсоры - Аккселерометр - Да
Соединения - USB - 1 × microUSB 2.0
Соединения - Звук - 3,5 мм аудио выход
Соединения - Звук - динамик
Экран - Размер экрана - 7,0"
Экран - Разрешение экрана - 1024 × 600
Экран - Сенсорный экран - Да
Экран - Тип экрана - IPS
Экран - Точек на дюйм - 171 ppi
Amazon Fire 7 Pro Kids (2021), 7", 16GB, Black
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Intel technology provider Platinum 2020
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