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Philips 241S4LCB, 24"

24", TN, 1920x1080, 5ms, 1000:1, 250cd/m2
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Warranty: 3 years
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We offer to buy Philips 24" a monitor with 1920x1080 resolution.
  • LED lighting provides high contrast, great lightness and minimum power consumption, besides the enclosure of LED monitors is much thinner and more elegant than that of the devices of older generations.
  • Thanks to FullHD (1920px X 1080px) resolution this monitor will be perfectly suitable for enjoying BlueRay quality films in the full screen mode.
  • The port DVI ensures the compatibility with the classic video cards equipped with this port.
  • The port D-SUB supports the graphic cards with the preceding generation analogous VGA plug-in and the comparatively newer generation DVI-I standard using the transition DVI-I -> D-Sub.
  • 5ms fast response time makes this monitor perfectly suitable for enjoying computer games and dynamic films.


3D support NO
Height adjustment Ir
Pivot Ir
Tilt YES
VESA wall mount 100x100 mm
Basic information
Color Black
Size 24"

The size of the monitor screen is measured in inches across the diagonal. The screen size must be proportionate to the resolution of the screen for achieving the maximum utilisation of the desktop and details of the image.

Mainly two forms of LCD monitors are available: with standard width and height proportion 4:3 or the widescreen proportion 16:9 or 16:10. A widescreen monitor is wider and its resolution is higher than that of the monitors with standard proportion.

The bigger the monitor size the higher resolution usually is supported. Possibilities to increase the resolution of the screen usually depend on the size and possibilities of the monitor and the type of the video card.

Resolution 1920x1080

The resolution of the monitor screen determines the number of colour dots (pixels) a monitor can display. It refers to the clarity of the text and images displayed on the screen. The higher the resolution the sharper the items look.

The applied resolution depends on the resolution supported by the monitor. LCD monitors, including the screens of laptop computers usually work best if their local resolution has been set. The setting of this resolution for the monitor is not mandatory, but usually it is recommended to set it for ensuring the highest possible sharpness of texts and images. The bigger the monitor size the higher resolution usually is supported.

Possibilities to increase the resolution of the screen usually depend on the size and possibilities of the monitor and the type of the video card.
• 19 inches screen (standard proportions): 1280x1024 pixels
• 20 inches screen (standard proportions): 1600x1200 pixels
• 22 inches screen (widescreen): 1680x1050 pixels
• 24 inches screen (widescreen): 1900x1200 pixels

Display characteristics
Backlight LED

LED type monitors are much thinner and lighter, therefore also more compact. They consume less electricity than the cathodic ray monitors because the LED technology permits to transform most of electricity into light without any loss. The disadvantage of LED is the narrow light range making the image to look slightly less natural than under cathodic lighting.

Panel Type TN

Teh monitor panel is the main feature of the visible part of the screen or the technology where the display of the colour dots (pixels) is implemented.

TN is the standard technology with average contract, brightness and colour compliance indices.

IPS is the matrix with high colour compliance and good response speed, therefore it is well suited for graphics tasks and photo editing. IPS matrix provide an excellent viewing angle maintaining the colours and contrast from almost any angle.

VA matrix ensures superior colour compliance, however, the response time of this matrix is lagging behind that of the IPS and TN; the viewing angle is somewhere between both these technologies.

The TN type monitor is fully sufficient for an average user. If you have more money available the VA or IPS can be chosen.

Refresh rate 60 Hz
Touchscreen NO
Response time 5ms
The response time of the monitor screen determines how fast the monitor will display moving images (films, games, animations, etc.). The response time is measured in miliseconds. The less the response time the better the ability of the monitor to display moving images. recommends to buy monitors with 5ms response time or lower.
Contrast ratio 1000:1

Ekrāna kontrasts nosaka attēla asumu. Tā ir atšķirība starp vistumšāko (pilnīgi melnu) un visgaišāko (pilnīgi baltu) pikseli. Jo lielāks kontrasts, jo skaidrāk salasāms teksts uz ekrāna, kontrasts arī nosaka, cik izteiksmīgas līnijas būs redzamas monitora attēlā.

Augsts kontrasts ir nozīmīgs faktors izvēloties monitoru biroja, vai mācību vajadzībām, kad lielākoties tiek strādāts ar tekstuālu informāciju.

Mājas vajadzībām svarīgāks izvēles rādītājs ir gaišums un attēla reakcijas laiks. Kontrastu labāk novērtēt tumšā istabā.
Lielākais LCD monitoru trūkums ir tas, ka samazinot attēla spilgtumu, kontrasts var pazust.

Brightness 250cd/m2

Monitora gaišums ir attēla redzamības rādītājs, kas nosaka, cik labi saskatāms ir attēls pie spēcīga ārējā apgaismojuma (saules gaisma, gaiša telpa, utt.). LCD monitoru gaišums tiek mērīts kandelās uz kvadrātmetru (Cd/m2).
Izvēloties monitoru jāņem vērā - jo lielāks gaišuma rādītājs, jo labāka attēla redzamība.

Ikdienas vajadzībām iesaka iegādāties monitoru ar gaišumu, ne mazāku par 250 cd/m2.

Ports and equipment

D-SUB is the classic (analogous) monitor connection plug. This standard is gradually disappearing from the market giving the place to the higher quality HDMI or DisplayPort (digital) plugs.

If the resolution of the monitor is FullHD or below the average user will experience no problems with this connection. Those who want to achieve higher image quality and resolution should look for the monitor with the DisplayPort or HDMI connection slot.

DisplayPort Nav

DisplayPort is the digital connection for transmitting the image via a single wire at a high quality level. Contrary to the HDMI, this connection allows to connect several external monitors to the computer via a single connector.

Prior to buying the monitor with the DisplayPort you should verify whether your computer has the DisplayPort plug available!


DVI is a digital standard and ensures high image quality, however, thanks to the big size of the plug and the inability of the standard to develop further due to a few technical restrictions this type of connection is gradually losing its popularity to modern HDMI and DisplayPort standards.

DVI is compatible with HDMI and transitions of both directions are available.

DVI is not compatible with DisplayPort, however, there are DualMode DisplayPort connectors which contains the HDMI/DVI signal, and in the relevant direction DisplayPort -> DVI can transmit an image.

If the monitor resolution exceeds 1920px in any direction a graphics card with the DVI-D Dual Link support and the relevant quality cable will be required.

Before buying a monitor you should verify whether your graphics card has the corresponding connection slot!

HDMI port Nav

HDMI is the digital high quality image transmission standard that allows to connect the monitor to the computer via a thin cable by using an elegant small-size connector. HDMI is compatible with DVI if the relevant transition or cable is used.

Speakers Nav

Some monitors may have built-in speakers that quite often allow to give up external speakers thus freeing a space on the desk and saving money. The sound quality of built-in speakers is quite moderate and therefore we recommend to use this possibility just for infrequent needs.

For enjoying music, movies and games we recommend buying the corresponding quality and capacity speakers.

TV-Tuner N/A

This parameter indicates whether the monitor has the built-in receiver for receiving the TV signal in different broadcasting formats with the output to the computer or a separate monitor. This receiver can be applied for using the cable and satellite TV and also for watching paid channels.


More detailed specification*

Warranty - Producer warranty 36 months
Monitor screen format - Wide
Screen diagonal - 24 inches
Pixel's dimensions - 0.276 mm
LCD panel type - no data
Backlight technology - LED
3D technology support - No
Touch the screen overlay - No
Recommended resolution - 1920 x 1080 pixels
Refresh time with recommended resolution - 60 Hz
Visible screen size - 531 x 299 mm
Horizontal scan rate - 30-83 kHz
Vertical deviation frequency - 56-75 Hz
Response time - 5 ms
Brightness - 250 cd/m2
Contrast index - 1000:1
Contrast index - 20000000:1
Horizontal visual angle - 170 degrees
Vertical visual angle - 160 degrees
Number of displayed colours - 16,7 mln
Certificates - BSMI
Certificates - CE
Certificates - FCC-B
Certificates - GOST
Certificates - SEMKO
Certificates - TUV/Ergo
Certificates - TUV/GS
Certificates - UL/cUL
Certificates - EPEAT Gold
Certificates - SASO
Certificates - WEEE
Certificates - RoHS
Certificates - Energy Star 5.0
Certificates - TCO 5.2
On Screen Display - Yes
Speakers - No
Microphone - No
Input connectors - 15-pin D-Sub
Input connectors - DVI-D (with HDCP)
Built-in USB hub - No
Integrated network adapter (LAN) - No
Wi-Fi connectivity - No
Integrated camera - No
Integrated TV tuner - No
Remote control in bundle - No
Memory card reader - No
Built-in power supplier - Yes
Power consumption (work/idle) - no data
Panel tilt - Yes
Monitor height adjustment - Yes
Swivel - Yes
Rotating panel (pivot) - Yes
VESA Mount - 100 x 100 mm
Kensington Lock - Yes
Width - 565 mm
Height - 403 mm
Depth - 227 mm
Net weight - 6.3 kg
Case colour - Black
Additional information - Response time: 5ms (black-to-black)
Additional information - Contrast: 20000000:1 (dynamic)
Additional information - Contrast: 1000:1 (typical)
More info - [LINK]
LongDesc - Sustainable productivity with energy efficient ergonomic LED display. The Philips ergonomic LED display using 25% recycled materials and PVC-BFR free housing is ideal for eco-friendly productivity
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ManufLogo -
MarketingText -
Features_Benefits -
  • 25% recycled material with EPEAT Gold
  • PVC-BFR free housing
  • 100% recyclable packaging
  • Zero mercury content
  • LED technology ensures natural colours
  • TrueVision ensures lab quality images
  • SmartErgoBase enables user-friendly ergonomic adjustments
  • Low bezel-to-table height for maximum reading comfort

  • DisplaySize - 24"
    DisplaySizecm - 61 cm
    DisplayViewingArea - 521 x 293 mm
    MonitorType - Monitor
    DisplayType - LCD LED
    DisplayFormat - 16:9
    DisplayNativeResolution - 1920 x 1080
    DisplayFeatures - W-LED system
    Pixelpitch - 0.276 mm
    Brightness - 250 cd/m2
    ContrastRatio - 20000000:1
    Frequency - 30-83
    FrequencyV - 56-75
    ViewingAngle - 170
    ViewingAngleV - 160
    ResponseTime - 5 ms
    VGA - Yes
    DVI - Yes
    USB - n/a
    HDMI - n/a
    DisplayPort - n/a
    InputSignal -
  • Signal Input: DVI-D (digital, HDCP), VGA (Analogue)
  • Sync Input: Separate Sync, Sync on Green

  • Audio - n/a
    AudioFeatures - n/a
    Pivot - Yes
    HeightAdjustment - Yes
    KensingtonLock - Yes
    VESACompatible - Yes
    VESAStandard - 100 x 100
    EmissionStandard - TCO 5.2
    EPEAT - Gold
    DisplayCaseColour - Black
    MonitorControls -
  • User convenience: SmartImage, Brightness, SmartPower, Menu, Power On/Off
  • Control software: SmartControl Premium
  • OSD Languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Portuguese
  • Plug and Play Compatibility: DDC/CI, Mac OS X, sRGB, Windows 7/Vista/XP

  • PackageContents - n/a
    Width - 565 mm
    Depth - 403 mm
    Height - 227 mm
    Weight - 6.300 Kg
    Warranty - 3 years
    ProductDemo -
    UserManualLT -
    UserManualLV -
    UserManualEE -
    ProdDesc - LED 24" 241S4LCB 1920x1080 20M:1 (typ 1000:1) 250cd 176/170 5ms VGA/DVI-D HgtAdj PIVOT TCO 5.2 EPEAT-Gold, c:Black