A-Data Durable HD650, 1TB, USB3.0, Black

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ID: 85842 Product code: AHD650-1TU3-CBK
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Warranty: 3 years
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Main product parameters All parameters
  • Capacity: 1 TB
  • Power supply: USB
All parameters
Capacity 1 TB
The capacity of the HDD is the data volume index. The more Gigabytes the higher the capacity of the HDD. The average volume of a DivX film is 1.3Gb, the volume of an Mp3 music file is 10Mb (1/100th of a Gigabyte). You should select an HDD of the capacity compliant with your needs.
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Power supply USB
The external HDD is an electronic device with a certain capacity and power consumption. When you select an HDD you should take into account whether it will be used at places where a permanent power supply source is available (220V socket, an external power supply unit) or at places where the battery pack of the portable computer is the only power supply source (USB or battery pack power supply).
If you chose an HDD with USB power supply you should remember that it will consume the power of the portable computer, thus the battery life will be considerably shorter during the time when the disc is used.
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USB 3.0

The interface of the connection of the HDD is the connection with the computer, therefore when you buy an HDD you should verify that your computer has the relevant connection slot compatible with the HDD interface.

The convenient USB connection provides a possibility of connecting an external HDD to almost any modern computer and to handle the data stored therein both at work and at home.

Standard USB 2.0 connection:

During the next years the USB 2.0 will be replaced by the new USB 3.0 interface:

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More detailed specification
Warranty - Warranty 36 months
Name - ADATA DashDrive Durable HD650 1000 GB, 2.5 ", USB 3.0, Black
Warranty - 36 months
GrossWeight - 0.3 kg
Colour - Black
Capacity - 1TB
Interface - USB 3.0
Connectivity technology - Wired
LED indicators - Yes
Weight - 201 g
Producer product name - DashDrive Durable HD650
Net weight - 0.24 kg
Gross weight - 0.30 kg
Depth - 8.1 cm
Input voltage - 5 V
Hard drive capacity - 1000 GB
USB powered - Yes
Interface - USB 3.0
Warranty - 36 month(s)
Colour of product - Black
Width - 12.1 cm
Hard drive size - 2.5 "
Height - 2.1 cm
Operating temperature (T-T) - 5 - 50 °C
Pouch - No
Name - ADATA HD650 1TB USB3.0 Black ext. 2.5inch
Image - https://actebis-images.com/productimages/071c4777-8574-4ca5-b4c8-145b88ab5868.jpg
Manufacturer - A-DATA
Manufacturer Part No - AHD650-1TU3-CBK
Description - The HD650 combines state-of-the-art materials with precise engineering to create an external storage solution that features improved ruggedness and data safety. The drive utilizes an ultra-fast USB 3.0 interface for improved transfer speed, and an azure LED indicates power and transfer status. Its flowing lines and striking colors make it a great looking storage option for valuable files, especially for people with active and outdoor lifestyles.
Feature - Designed to absorb the hardest knocks
Feature - The capacity you need
Feature - Dazzling blue LED indicator
Feature - Surface protected
Feature - Latest hardware and interface specifications
Product Description - ADATA DashDrive Durable HD650 - hard drive - 1 TB - USB 3.0
Type - Hard drive - external (portable)
Capacity - 1 TB
Form Factor - 2.5"
Interface - USB 3.0
Features - Scratch-resistant, anti-shock silicone outer shell, impact-resistant, LED status indicator
Enclosure Colour - Black
Dimensions (WxDxH) - 8.1 cm x 12.1 cm x 2.1 cm
Weight - 201 g
Manufacturer Warranty - 3 years warranty
Large Image - http://www.blobs.lt/products/8/2/8/3/2/1/8b6f7a303f98944161457481944ca30d/440x440.png
Large Image - http://www.blobs.lt/products/2/3/2/4/2/1/9906387149c135edf6f5d8011a0e34a8/440x440.png
Large Image - http://www.blobs.lt/products/2/3/2/4/2/1/760dda0059371a8dfc8a2eb41dcce51b/440x440.png
Large Image - http://www.blobs.lt/products/2/3/2/4/2/1/fd77082c728a49d762360ba7a653d20f/440x440.png
Large Image - http://www.blobs.lt/products/2/3/2/4/2/1/d0445974cfaaf54d045f04f1da3180ef/440x440.png
Large Image - http://www.blobs.lt/products/2/3/2/4/2/1/47e7235dc7ad05abc7eb2e55b02a846a/440x440.png
Large Image - http://www.blobs.lt/products/2/3/2/4/2/1/a3e4008a96c346fdf1cfbef75be0fba4/440x440.png
Large Image - http://www.blobs.lt/products/2/3/2/4/2/1/a3504089423fd756f4fe8534afc9330d/440x440.png
URL - http://www.adata.com/en/hdd/feature/260
Disk type - Standard (magnetic platter)
Width format - 2.5 inches
Hard disk capacity - 1 TB
Interface - USB 3.0
Power supply - USB
Width - 81 mm
Height - 21 mm
Length - 121 mm
Net weight - 0.201 kg
Additional functions - In bundle: USB 3.0 cable
Additional information - Scratch resistant surface
More info - www.adata.com [LINK]
58.74 €
A-Data Durable HD650, 1TB, USB3.0, Black
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