Silverstone SST-TOB04 Slimline Blu-ray Brenner, schwarz

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ID: 221572 Product code: SST-TOB04
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Warranty: 2 years (Warranty for business entities 1 year)
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Main product parameters All parameters
  • Port: SATA
  • Type of device: Bluray Combo
  • LightScribe: Without Lightscribe
  • Color: Black
  • Included software: Without software
All parameters

The connection to the computer. SATA is currently the most popular tupe of connection.

Thanks to the popularity of the new SATA standard it is possible to buy DVD devices with the SATA connection.

Size : SLIM
Type of device Bluray Combo
The device type indicates the reading and recording possibilities of the device. CR-RW can write and read CD-ROM discs. A Combo device can read DVD-ROM discs. A DWDRW device can read and write CDs and DVDs.
LightScribe Without Lightscribe
This parameter indicates whether the DVD device supports Lightscribe, LabelFlash or any other additional recording technology.
Color Black
The colour of the DVD device enclosure. This parameter is approximate and may differ from the actual colour of the device.
Included software Without software
For performing the recording with a DVD device the recording software is required. This parameter indicates whether a free of charge recording and playback software is included with the DVD device.
SATA data cable
SATA power cable
More detailed specification
Cache - 4 MB
category - HDD/SSD/ODD Optical Drives
code - SST-TOB04
Colour - black
Connector - SATA Slimline
Disc loading type - Drawer / Tray
ean - 4710007226223
Format - Blu-ray
name - Silverstone SST-TOB04 Slimline Blu-ray Brenner, schwarz
Size - 5.25" Slimline
Standard / Specification - SATA I
Weight in g - 100 - 200 g
Weight in g (exact) - 130
Silverstone SST-TOB04 Slimline Blu-ray Brenner, schwarz
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