Amica TD3021

Prece var atšķirties no attēlā redzamās. Attēlā var būt detaļas un aksesuāri, kas neietilpst preces komplektācijā.
ID: 253232 Preces kods: 1190222
Pasūtāms 30 gab. Pieejamība: 14 dienu laikā pēc pasūtījuma apstiprināšanas
Garantija: 2 gadi (Juridiskām personām garantija 1 gads)
29,16 €
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  • Grauzdiņu skaits: 2
  • Korpusa materiāls: Nerūsējošs tērauds
  • Maksimālā jauda: 750 W
Visi parametri
Atsaldēšanas funkcija : Ir
Darbības apturēšana : Ir
Grauzdiņu skaits : 2
Jaudas regulēšana : N/A
Korpusa materiāls : Nerūsējošs tērauds
Krāsa : Pelēka
Maināma drupaču liekšķere : Ir
Maksimālā jauda : 750 W
Šķēlīšu automātiska padeve : Ir
Uzsildīšanas funkcija : Ir
Papildus specifikācija
Accessories included - Automatic shut-off after baking
Anti-skid base - yes
Browning control - Yes
Capacity - 2 toasts
Color - inox
Defrost function - Yes
Description - Toaster TD3021
The speed of your toaster depends on its power. The more power you choose, the faster your toast will be beautifully brown. And in Amica toasters it will be really fast. Full power for total satisfaction! And time savings!
Heating function
When you feel like a crispy baguette or a croissant, simply place the bread on a special hoist and wait a moment until it heats up. Now you can enjoy the crunchiness of any type of bread, not just a typical toast! What do you choose for breakfast today?
Toasting level adjustment
Toast does not always have to be cooked the same! Depending on the type of cooking you want, just choose the right program! Adjust the crispness to the preferences of the householders now everyone can get the toast they like!
Stop button
When the toaster is to stop working, just turn it off! You do not have to pull the cable out of the socket every time, it's a big convenience and convenience. One click and the device stops heating and takes energy. It works the way you want it to.
Crumb tray
Many people do not like cleaning. But it's even harder to clean the inside of the equipment. Therefore Amica toasters are equipped with a special crumb tray after the work is finished, you can easily remove it and pour crumbs from under the toaster. They do not gather in the middle, so you do not have to clean anything anymore! Pure comfort!
Automatic shut-off after baking
You can enjoy the toast alone, the toaster leave all the duties you do not even have to remember to turn it off! Set only the selected program, and after a certain period of time and toasting the toast, the appliance will automatically stop heating. And you can eat.
Defrost function
Time for toast, and bread baked? There is nothing to wait! Take advantage of the defrost function and save your time! The toaster will extend toasting for several dozen seconds so that the toast can be thawed immediately and then baked. Just a moment and you can munch, hot!
Overheating protection
Special engine design that protects it from overheating and damage.
A storage box for a network cable
It allows you to hide unnecessary section of the cable and increase the safety and comfort of use.
dimension depth - 195 mm
dimension height - 220 mm
dimension weight - 1780 g
dimension width - 325 mm
Dimensions -
ean - 5906006902223
guarantee - 24
guarantee_type - external
Heating function - Yes
Length of power cable - 1 m
Manually eject - Yes
name - Toaster TD3021
Other features -
Power - 750 W
producer - Amica
Special functions -
STOP function - Yes
vendpn - 1190222
29,16 €
Amica TD3021
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