APC NetBotz Rack Monitor 450

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ID: 137781 Preces kods: NBRK0451
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Tips : Environment monitoring
Papildus specifikācija
Data Link Protocol - Ethernet, Fast Ethernet
Description - APC NetBotz Rack Monitor 450
Description - NetBotz Rack Monitor 450 (with 120/240V
description - The NetBotz intelligent edge architecture enables the integration of a number of monitoring devices with diverse protocols into a single management platform. Physical and environmental information can be integrated from virtually anywhere in the network, managed in a common format, and presented as actionable intelligence, providing a coordinated monitoring and response capability across an entire enterprise.The result is a predictive, preventative monitoring solution that provides the advance warning necessary to prevent small issues from becoming big disasters, while increasing uptime, product lifecycle and resource efficiency. Monitoring and controlling critical IT assets in data centers and remote locations is a key component of any preventative management strategy. Yet physical security is often a forgotten aspect of what is otherwise a comprehensive IT security plan.The NetBotz 450 protects a room or rows of cabinets and its valuable contents, like IT equipment, from damage due to water leaks, high or low temperatures, smoke or dust, humidity, vandalism, theft, and many more dangerous environmental and physical factors, by providing advance warning of equipment failure. Reduce downtime, respond and resolve problems quickly, analyze trends, and lower total cost with the NetBotz 450.The NetBotz 450 offers high performance security and environmental monitoring over the network. The NetBotz 450 is capable of video surveillance and monitoring to record human activity. The NetBotz 450's additional features include integration with InfraStruXure Central, Power over Ethernet, and user defined alerts making the NetBotz 450 the perfect unit to protect your IT assets from security and environmental threats. The NetBotz 450 can be used in network closets to data centers, but it is commonly installed in server rooms and small data centers.
Device Type - Environment monitoring device
Dimensions (WxDxH) - 52.7 cm x 16.3 cm x 11.4 cm
EANCode - 731304266310
feature - Camera "block out" to prevent viewing of sensitive areas
feature - Compatible with InfraStruXure central
feature - Customized alert actions can be configured based on alert type, severity, and time alert occurred
feature - Digital watermarking of video clips prevents tampering
feature - Each sensor pod has up to 6 sensor ports
feature - Easily supports small wiring closets to large data centers to enterprise-wide and remote deployments
feature - Ideal for the large datacenter
feature - Image processor generates 24-bit color images up to 1280 x 1024 resolution and up to 30 frames per second
feature - Key integrated sensors include temperature and humidity
feature - Support for third party sensors for monitoring fluid, vibration, dust particles, smoke, etc. to meet specific monitoring needs
feature - Supports graphing of up to 24 hours of sensor data within the ...device
feature - Supports SSL connectivity to and from the NetBotz 450 appliance or secure transmission of data
feature - Up to 12 sensor pods, utilizing A-Link connectivity
feature - Up to 2 camera pods
Form Factor - Rack-mountable
Height - 117.000000000
Length - 529.000000000
LongDesc - APC NetBotz Rack Monitor 450 - with 120/240V Power Supply
Manufacturer - APC
Manufacturer Part No - NBRK0451
Manufacturer Warranty - 2-year warranty
ManufacturerPartNumber - NBRK0451
PartNumber - NBRK0451
PeriodofWarranty - 24 Months Bring-In Warranty
Product Description - NetBotz Rack Monitor 450 - environment monitoring device
productName - APC NetBotz Rack Monitor 450 - with 120/240V Power Supply
Weight - 1.74 kg
Weight - 3.950000000
Width - 230.000000000
1 735,36 €
173,82 € mēnesī
APC NetBotz Rack Monitor 450
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