Xiaomi Xiaowa RoboRock Vacuum Cleaner C10

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ID: 191788 Preces kods: C102-00
Noliktavā >50 gab.
Garantija: 2 gadi (Juridiskām personām garantija 1 gads)
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  • Caurules veids: Nav
  • Jaudas regulēšana: Nav
  • Krāsa: Balta
  • Maksimālā jauda: 50 W
  • Putekļu sūcēja tips: Robots
  • Sūkšanas jauda: 1600 Pa
  • Uzkopšanas veids: Sausā tīrīšana
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Caurules veids : Nav
Jaudas regulēšana : Nav
Krāsa : Balta
Maksimālā jauda : 50 W
Putekļu sūcēja tips : Robots
Putekļu tvertnes tilpums : 0.64 l
Sūkšanas jauda : 1600 Pa
Tīrīšana ar tvaiku : Nav
Turbobirste : Nav
Uzgalis grīdai un paklājiem : Nav
Uzgalis mīkstajām mēbelēm : Nav
Uzgalis spraugām : Nav
Uzkopšanas veids : Sausā tīrīšana
Vada garums : Akumulators
Papildus specifikācija
Papildus informācija ražotāja mājas lapā Xiaomi Xiaowa RoboRock Vacuum Cleaner C10
Accessories included - Power Supply Charging station Exchangeable brush Cleaning tool Manufacturer's packaging The proof of purchase
Battery capacity - 2600 mAh
Battery life - 120 min
Capacity - 640 ml
Category - Root/Home/Household articles/Small house appliances - house and garden/Cleaning robots/Vacuum cleaning robots
Charging time - 240 hours
Color - Gray
Color - White
Description - Xiaomi Xiaowa Lite
Description - Xiaomi Xiaowa Lite C102 is the third series of robots cleaning the well-known electronics manufacturer. The portable, wireless and smart home appliance that will become a great helper for cleaning your home. The robot is equipped with a large dust container with a capacity of 640ml thanks to which cleaning is not necessary after every cleaning. Robot sucks the air with a pressure of up to 1600 Pa, thanks to which it quickly and effectively removes dust from both the floor and carpets. It also copes well with cleaning dust that stays in the corners of rooms, hair and fur. The EPA E11 filter used ensures 95% efficiency of air filtration. The robot has sensors that guarantee high efficiency and provide perfect surface cleaning without collisions. The improved sensor system and soft casing on the housing help to protect against collision with existing furniture or other objects. The device mainly moves according to the automatic mode in which it automatically adapts the driving plan in relation to the current operating conditions detected by a series of sensors. The robot also has separate driving diagrams - "corner" mode cleaning the corners and edges of rooms, spot cleaning - locally cleaning, carpet increase - a mode that increases the effectiveness on carpets, each of which the user can activate using the application. 5 cleaning modes Collision and fall protection Intelligent route planning Control from the application High suction power Dust container with large capacity Perfect for rooms up to 80m2 Multitude of built-in sensors Quiet operation and a capacious battery Long working time on one charge The device also has 6 infrared collision sensors, each sensor monitors the presence of obstacles in real time (50 times per second) and, if necessary, slows down the robot and gently touches the obstacle to protect both the robot and objects in the room. Xiaowa cleaning robot is able to overcome obstacles up to 2 cm high, which allows it to be used in rooms with cables lying on the floor.
dimension depth - 470 mm
dimension height - 150 mm
dimension weight - 5300 g
dimension width - 410 mm
Dimensions - 245 x 105 mm
Dust bag - No bag
Dust bin capacity - 0.64 l
ean - 6970995780383
Eans - 6970995780383
Filter - EPA 11
Full Description Line - Vacuum cleaner type Robot|Battery capacity 2600 mAh|Dust bin capacity 0.64 l|Unit Net Weight 3 kg
guarantee - 24
guarantee_type - external
name - Vacuum Cleaner Xiaowa Lite C102
Name - Xiaomi Roborock Xiaowa Lite
Other features - 2600 mAh lithium-ion battery Voltage: 14.4V
Parking system - Horizontal
Power - 50 W
producer - XIAOMI
Producer - Xiaomi
ProducerCode - Mi Roborock Xiaowa LITE
Shipping Box Depth Shipping/Package Box Dimensions - 46.5 cm
Shipping Box Height Shipping/Package Box Dimensions - 14.5 cm
Shipping box quantity - 1
Shipping Box Weight Shipping/Package Box Dimensions - 5.25 kg
Shipping Box Width Shipping/Package Box Dimensions - 41 cm
ShortDescription - Pojemność [l]: 0,64 | Maksymalny czas pracy [min]: 60 | Czas ładowania [h]: 2 | Wirtualna ściana/latarnia: nie/nie
Special functions -
Suction - 1600 W
Type - Robot / automatic vacuum cleaner
Unit Brutto Volume - 0.02764 cubm
Unit Gross Weight - 5.25 kg
Unit Net Weight - 3 kg
Vacuum cleaner type - Robot
Vendor Homepage - www.xiaomi-mi.com
vendpn - LITE C102
Warranty - 12/24 months
Xiaomi Xiaowa RoboRock Vacuum Cleaner C10
Tālr. 67275758 gsm 26117175 (p.o.t.c.p. 9:00-18:00)
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