A-Data AX7000 Power Bank, 7000 mAh, Titanium

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ID: 143592 Preces kods: AX7000-5V-CTI
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Garantija: 2 gadi (Juridiskām personām garantija 1 gads)
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Rādīt vienādos parametrus Slēpt vienādos parametrus
19,70 €
25,48 €
26,18 €
16,46 €
16,25 €
Ietilpība, mAh 7 000 16 750 10 050 5 100 5 100
Izeju skaits 2 2 2 2
Krāsa Sudraba Melna Sudraba Zila Balta
Maks. izejas strāva, A 2.4 2.4 2.1 2.1 2.1
Svars, g 210 370 220 120 120
Visi parametri
Ietilpība, mAh : 7 000
Izeju skaits : 2
Krāsa : Sudraba
Maks. izejas strāva, A : 2.4
Svars, g : 210
Papildus specifikācija
Papildus informācija ražotāja mājas lapā A-Data AX7000 Power Bank, 7000 mAh, Titanium
Category - Telefoni, Viedtālruņi :: Enerģijas krātuves | Power banks
Code - AX7000-5V-CTI
Desc - Apjoms: 7000mAh, Krāsa: Pelēka, Garantija: 2 gadi
Description - ADATA X7000 Power Bank 7000mAh Titanium
EAN - 4712366969520
EANCode - 4712366969520
Height - 22.000000000
LargeDescHTML - A-Data Power Bank - X7000 - Ttianium
Preces apraksts angu valodX7000 shows bold and innovative technology in design and engineering, a bold move from traditional framework: ultra slim and stylish, combing with a hairline brushed and durable aluminum surface and tough glossy plastic panel. Inside is a 7000mAh power source with two USB ports totaling up to 2.4A for fast simultaneous charging of mobile devices that saves you precious time and improves overall safety and efficiency. Sleek aluminum form factorOur designers made the X7000 so grip-friendly, you will have no problem bringing it everywhere. With a slim and sleek form like that of a smartphone, the power bank uses stylish but durable aluminum surfaces and tough glossy plastic side panels for a chic look to place it apart from other power banks. Resulting in a hairline texture that’s not just appealing to the eye and to the touch. It can also resisting scratches, chipping, and annoying fingerprint smudges.Portable power done ultra-slimAs mentioned before, part of the inspiration for the X7000 were smartphone form factors. That’s why it’s so thin at 12mm and weighs just 210g. The X7000 looks and feels like a savvy smartphone, fitting neatly in pockets, bags, purses, and lifestyles.Choice of color schemeAs befits a style accessory, the X7000 arrives in three unique colors for you to choose from: titanium grey, blue, and red. Or better yet, maybe get them all?Twin charge ports up to 2.4ATop up two devices at once to save time and get back to work and enjoyment quicker. No need to line up devices or fuss over connections. The X7000 has dual USB outputs, delivering a max 2.4A as needed by connected devices.Packs multiple device chargesThe high quality 7000mAh cells on the X7000 free you from dependence on wall sockets. Enough for three full typical 5” smartphone charges and one 10” tablet charge, the X7000 extends your range all day, while doing it in style.Top quality components and safety-ensuring buildLike all ADATA power banks, the X7000 uses carefully tested and selected power cells. The aluminum and plastic enclosure is impact and fire resistant, while within sophisticated circuitry guarantees complete operational safety.Multiple circuit protectionSmart sensors and breakers constantly monitor and regulate the X7000. Dedicated circuitry protects against overheating, overcharge, over discharge, overcurrent, overvoltage, and short circuiting. You get total peace of mind wherever you are.
Length - 220.000000000
LongDesc - ADATA X7000 Power Bank 7000mAh Titanium
Manufacturer - A-DATA
ManufacturerPartNumber - AX7000-5V-CTI
Name - A-DATA Power Bank X7000 7000mAh - Titanium
PartNumber - AX7000-5V-CTI
PeriodofWarranty - 12 Months Bring-In Warranty
Weight - 0.266000000
Width - 95.000000000
A-Data AX7000 Power Bank, 7000 mAh, Titanium
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