Overmax SpeedJet

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ID: 177605 Preces kods: OV-SPEEDJET
Pasūtāms 3 gab. Pieejamība: 14 dienu laikā pēc pasūtījuma apstiprināšanas
Garantija: 2 gadi
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Preces galvenie parametri Visi parametri
  • Maksimālā slodze, kg: 120
  • Maksimālais ātrums, km/h: 12
  • Maksimālais attālums, km: 25
  • Tips: Giroskūteris (Hoverboard)
Visi parametri
Jauda, W : 500
Krāsa : Melna/Dzeltena
Maksimālā slodze, kg : 120
Maksimālais ātrums, km/h : 12
Maksimālais attālums, km : 25
Maksimālais slīpums, ° : 20
Riepu izmērs, collas : 6,5 (16,5cm)
Tips : Giroskūteris (Hoverboard)
Papildus specifikācija
Papildus informācija ražotāja mājas lapā Overmax SpeedJet
Accessories included - Electric skateboard Charger Carrying bag Warranty Card User manual
Additional information - LED lighting
Additional information - Warning systems for battery discharge
Battery capacity - 4 Ah
Battery capacity - 4 Ah
Bundle includes - Carrying pouch
Bundle includes - Charger
Bundle includes - manual (user quide)
Bundle includes - Warranty Card
Category - Root/Home/Motorisation/Electric vehicles/Electric skateboard
Charging time - 3 -
Charging time - 5 -
Color - Black
Color - Yellow
Colour - Black
Colour - Yellow
Dane techniczne: Gwarancja - 2 lata
Dane techniczne: Producent - Overmax
Description - Speed Jet electric skateboard
Modern design and the best parameters
Black and yellow colors and discreetly mounted strong LED lighting on the front, back and on the skateboard make the Speedjet stand out from the others with a very modern and attractive look. The reinforced construction obtained thanks to the use of the highest quality materials allows for lifting up to 120 kg. Efficient engines with a total power of 500 W combined with a very capacious battery 36V, 4.0 Ah (20 cells) allow you to travel even 25 kilometers, which is the best result among skateboards. The IPX4 water resistance class allows you to use the Overmax Speedjet even during rainfall without the risk of damaging the equipment. The unusual dynamic acceleration of the Speedjet allows you to reach the maximum speed just a few meters after the start.
Intended for children and adults
Overmax Speedjet electric skateboard is the perfect device for maintaining balance and coordination. It is also an unforgettable fun for the youngest, as well as a practical tool for moving to older users. Skateboard allows you to move quickly and easily in increasingly congested cities. In addition, the lack of generated exhaust and a negative impact on the environment makes the skateboard fit into the latest trends in combating air pollution and is increasingly being chosen as an alternative means of transport for cars or motorcycles. The bag attached to the skateboard allows you to easily carry it and take it with you to any place, like school or work.
Security above all
Top speed Overmax Speedjet has been deliberately limited to 12 km/h to ensure maximum safety for users. Built-in advanced gyroscope and self-balancing function is especially useful when learning to drive, because it significantly helps maintain balance. The used wheels with a diameter of 6.5 "compared to wheels with a diameter of 10" also significantly help in putting the first steps on a skateboard and provide greater security. The unique retreading and reinforced structure used guarantee excellent grip and tire resistance to damage.
Extensive functions
Overmax Speedjet has been equipped with a number of warning systems. The skateboard indicates low battery by flashing LED lighting. In the event of leaving the device, the automatic stop occurs due to the lack of pressure on the sensors. Thanks to the auto-calibration function, the Speedjet automatically assumes the ready-to-drive position, which is indicated by the LEDs switched on. This makes it easier to enter the skateboard and start driving.
device Type - Electric skateboard
dimension depth - 250 mm
dimension height - 645 mm
dimension weight - 11100 g
dimension width - 250 mm
Dimensions - 63,5 x 19,5 x 17,5 cm
dodatkowe informacje - światła LED
długość - 63.5 cm
ean - 5902581655608
Eans - 5902581655608
Engine power - 250 W
Functions - Self-balancing function to help you learn how to drive
guarantee - 24
guarantee_type - external
ilość kół - 2
IP rating - IPX4
kolor - czarno-żółty
Load (max) - 120 kg
maksymalne obciążenie - 120 kg
maksymalny kąt jazdy (wzniesienie) - 20 °
maksymalny zasięg - 25 km
Maximal range - 25 km
Maximum load - 120 kg
Maximum slope angle (gradient) - 20 degrees
Maximum speed - 12 km/hr.
moc - 500 W
More info - ov.overmax.eu [LINK]
Motor power - 500 Watt
name - Electric skateboard Speed Jet
Name - Overmax SpeedJet
napięcie akumulatora - 36 V
Number of engines - 2
Other features -
pojemność akumulatora - 4000 mAh
pokrowiec w zestawie - tak
Power supply - Battery: 36V, 4.0 Ah (20 cells)
producer - OVERMAX
Producer - Overmax
ProducerCode - 5902581655608
prędkość maksymalna - 12 km/h
rodzaj - deskorolka
ShortDescription -
Speed (max) - 12 km/h
szerokość - 19.5 cm
vendpn - OV-SPEED JET
Voltage - 36 V
waga - 10.2 kg
Warranty - Warranty 24 months
Weight - 10.2 kg
Wheel diameter - 6,5''
Wheel size - 6.5 inches
wysokość - 17.5 cm
średnica kół - 6.5 cala
Overmax SpeedJet
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