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Hewlett Packard T750G2, 750VA

750 VA (+/- 20)
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Warranty: 3 years
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€ 401,72

Specification *

Battery capacity 750 VA (+/- 20)
The capacity of the battery pack is the index of the long-term operation of the UPS device without a permanent power supply source. This parameter applies to a UPS device with a fully charged battery pack. If you want to verify how big capacity is required for your computer equipment visit where you will find the UPS capacity determination configuration tool.

More detailed specification *

ProdDesc - HP G2 T750 Intl UPS
LongDesc - HP Tower Uninterruptible Power Systems (UPS) provide advanced power protection and secure your computer equipment and your critical data against damage due to inconsistent and fluctuating power. Designed for small/medium businesses, HP UPSs lower your power protection cost by allowing you to safeguard all of your equipment. Key benefits include increased power rating, an intuitive front panel display, Enhanced Battery Management (EBM), prioritized shut-down, hot-swappable battery, Network Transient Protection, and a serial and USB ports for data exchange with the host computer.
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Features_Benefits -
  • Manageability through USB and Serial ports
  • Ease of configuration via enhanced front panel display.
  • Long-term battery reliability with Enhanced Battery Management.
  • Intelligent manageability with bundled Power Manager software.
  • Hot-Swappable battery.
  • Network Transient Protector

  • PowerVAW - 750 VA
    PowerW - 500 W
    Runtime - 15/5
    InputVoltage - 220V, 230V, 240V
    OutputVoltage - n/a
    InputFrequency - 50/60 Hz
    OutputFrequency - n/a
    InputConnections - IEC- 60320 C13
    OutputConnections - (4) IEC 320 C14
    WaveformType - Sine wave
    RechargeTime - 3 h (90%)
    BatteryType - Maintenance-free, sealed, valve-regulated lead acid (VRLA)
    Serial - Yes
    USB - Yes
    SmartSlot - n/a
    RJ45 - n/a
    InterfacePorts -
  • Serial Ports: Standard communication port (ships with 6' Serial communication cable)
  • USB Port: Standard communication port (ships with 6' USB communication cable)

  • ControlPanel -
  • Power On/Off button
  • Alarm Acknowledgement - Turns off the alarm buzzer
  • Power LED: Green- AC is present
  • Battery LED: Amber- The unit is running off of the battery
  • Overload LED: Red - Output is overloaded
  • Service LED: Red- Faulty battery or battery failed test
  • Audible Alarm- The unit detects an operational fault or changes in the battery mode

  • Alarm - n/a
    Color - Black
    FormFactor - Tower
    PackageContents - n/a
    Width - 150 mm
    Depth - 390 mm
    Height - 193 mm
    Weight - 12.700 Kg
    Warranty - 3 years
    MANUFDATASHEET -;%20Uninterruptible%20Power%20System&lang=en&cc=uk

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